These days, building high-performing teams is harder than ever, especially as we work on virtual or hybrid teams and we factor in the myriad stressors confronting today’s workers. With these headwinds pushing against team performance, it’s important to note that the foundational elements needed for team effectiveness haven’t changed. If anything, today’s conditions shine a light on the need for a solid team foundation.

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EMI is excited to announce that we recently won several new training and development and organization development contracts. These resulted from our capabilities to answer agency requirements through our HCaTS contracts (both SB and 8(a)), in addition to our GSA schedule.

Also, these contract awards would not be possible without the high caliber of talent we attract and retain at EMI as well as our overall team effectiveness.
These new engagements will focus on:

the creation of virtual-led trainings, that will also be transferable to a classroom setting when agencies return to face-to-face training events;


eLearning course development; and


consulting and senior advisory services for organizations preparing for, and implementing significant organizational change.

We’re grateful and excited about these new opportunities, and the exceptional talent we are adding to our existing, high-performing EMI team. Stay tuned for more information on our project approaches and innovative ideas we are sharing with our clients.


Evolution Management, Inc. turned 27 last month! Throughout the years, EMI has maintained a singular focus to help companies improve employee and customer satisfaction, create increased efficiencies, and achieve high-performance standards. We continue with our focus to successfully transform human behaviors by creating cultural changes that are practical and cost-effective.
Thanks to a diverse talent pool and culture of shared values, our own high-performance teams have been critical to this extended organizational success. Check out this Harvard Business Review article for more insight into building teams that perform well.


It’s that time of year for festive feasts and treats. This month, we’re taking a look at how different DiSC Styles get the fire pit and clambake going.

Most managers are aware of Jim Collins’ tremendously successful book Good to Great, and the simple example of getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. Although the example is simple to understand, the practice takes discipline and planning.
Moving from the “vetting” process to hiring is a task not taken lightly by the EMI team. Our hiring cycle includes sourcing by an experienced HR manager, initial vetting by an EMI manager familiar with the requirements of the Performance Work Statements (PWS), and a panel interview with EMI team members familiar not only with the technical requirements of the open position, but also highly aware of the need to align the candidates’ workstyle preferences, emotional intelligence characteristics, and career expectations, together with the more important factor of the candidates’ fit with EMI’s culture.

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