Bring Highly Rated Workshops and Coaching to Your Partnership          
The recent Continuous Improvement Continuously webinar, cosponsored by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) and the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC), got extremely high satisfaction ratings. 

Participants learned how to use a four-stage continuous improvement cycle to examine their partnership projects and map gaps between what is intended and what is actually taking place.  

With this much valuable information, it can be difficult to effectively share all that you learn in webinars with your partners and peers. To help, and in response to comments from the webinar evaluation, we are providing more specificity in this table of  Key Tasks .

In addition, IEBC is  offering personalized  on-site workshops, consultation and coaching by  Jordan Horowitz,  IEBC vice president who presented the Continuous Improvement Continuously webinar,  to:
  • determine your partnership's needs, augmenting your local research
  • help you identify leading and lagging indicators for your partners 
  • develop key communication strategies that work with your whole organization  

Conference and workshop attendees praise the value of these IEBC interactions. As one participant from Jordan's workshop on Leading and Lagging Indicators at the NACEP Midwest Regional Conference (May 2018) wrote:

"Absolutely fantastic and probably one of THE best conference sessions I've ever attended. He held my attention even though the session was about a dry subject and taught me new, critical things. He also gave me great information to follow up on."

Please contact us now for more information:  Jordan at or 562-743-7920 or