What brought you to Continuum Movement?
The first time I experienced Continuum was on a video and I was blown away! What was I seeing? Why is it I had never seen a body move like that? How was the body able to do that? It touched a place in me that had to experience it firsthand. I drove an hour north to Santa Monica, CA and Emilie was teaching classes there every week. How cool was that!

What are your favorite breaths and why?
At first the sounds came out weak if at all and the movement even less. After many classes I noticed when I sounded the ‘E’s’, one of my favorites, I could feel a spread in my torso, and it was divine. That wonderful sensation of pleasure and the unknown. I fell in love with Continuum. But what began to happen was I began to move into a pattern, repetitive movement and it lost its appeal so I layered it with a ‘Blurr’ and the pattern stopped asap, my mind took a back seat and my baby finger began to move in a way that gave my elbow an upward movement that the mind couldn’t understand but was infatuated by.

What is your favorite Emilie-ism?
After such an intense and liberating class we circled up and Emilie had everyone do a check in. It was hard to share after being so internal, but Emilie insisted on it, no exceptions. She would say, “go ye and walk among them”. What does that mean I asked? 
“What good is Continuum if you don’t take it out into the world and observe it in your daily life. Notice. Notice. Notice.

Today as I was tending to my parents, 93 and 96 years old, they said, “Donna, you are working to hard we want you to take a day off”. My patterned response to that is “that is so sweet, but I really am happy and don’t need one.” Today I paused before replying and did a quiet “blurr” and was curious if a new movement (a new and fresh response) would occur. Bingo - sure enough I saw how they want to help me, so we came up with a new plan. Dad will go around and empty all the small trash containers and put them in the kitchen. And I am so happy because that has been my least favorite task, which I was not even aware of.