2021 Equity Lead Service Line Replacements (Groups A-C)

Project: 2021 Equity Lead Service Line Replacements (Groups A-C)
Specification Number: 1216757
Pre-Submittal Conference: August 3, 2021, at 10:00 AM, via conference call, Conference Bridge: 712-770-5505, Access Code: 650260

All Attendees must pre-register to participate. Interested attendees must email Sonji Ward with a list of attendees who will participate in the conference call, at sonji.ward@cityofchicago.org Subject: 2021 Equity Lead Service Line Replacements. Conference Call Instructions: Due to heavy call volume experienced by the teleconference provider, vendors unable to connect should continue to attempt until successful. DPS recommends calling in 5-10 minutes early to avoid this problem.
Description: The work for which proposals are invited includes but is not limited to the replacement of lead service lines for single-family or duplex residences, from the water main in the street to the point of connection located inside each residence. The work includes excavation, removal or abandonment of the existing lead service line, installation of a new corporation stop, installation of a copper service line and curb stop, installation of new meter, removal and replacement of residential sanitary, testing and flushing, backfill and full restoration of roads and sidewalks.

Subcontracting Opportunities: Plumbing, Excavation, Restoration, Concrete pavement, Landscaping, Ductile and PVC pipe suppliers, Portland cement, Asphalt 

Bid Opening Date: Friday, August 19, 2021, at11:00 AM, Central Time
For detailed information about this solicitation, visit www.chicago.gov/eprocurement and click Current Bids and Solicitations.
Lead Safe Chicago: City-Assisted Lead Service Line Replacement Programs

Chicago’s legacy lead service lines are found in nearly 400,000 primarily single-family and two-flat residents. While Chicago’s drinking water is in full compliance with all federal, state, and industry standards, the City is committed to begin lead service line removal in a responsible, sustainable, and equitable manner.

The City of Chicago announced two voluntary replacement programs: the Equity Lead Service Line Replacement Program and the Homeowner-Initiated Program represent the first phase of a multi-year effort. In the coming year, the City will be investigating what it’ll take to perform lead service line replacement when the Department of Water Management conducts routine maintenance and repairs to water mains.

The City has also released a technical report to explore the full spectrum of funding and operational options for lead service line replacement and created a working group made up of stakeholder groups, regulators, and aldermen to provide input on operationalizing recommendations based on the report.

For more information, visit the Lead Safe Chicago website.