Contractor Field Kits are coming your way!
A shipment of Contractor Field Kits should arrive at your location within the next week.  The Field Kits will assist you when selling a project, or finalizing your project through Home Upgrade as offered by The Energy Network. It provides information on program measures, territory divisions, post-retrofit, and financing.
Always keep a Contractor Field Kit in your truck or ensure that members of your sales team have access to one. They will come in handy at various stages of your project.
The contractor field kit contains the following:
  • Home Upgrade Incentives
  • Home Upgrade Homeowner testimonial
  • Quality Control & Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • Contractor Quicksteps
  • Territory Map
  • Testing by Measure
  • Home Energy Loans
Updates to Contractor Portal
To ensure that new program requirements are met for The Energy Network Home Upgrade program, the Contractor Portal will be updated to include the following fields on August 1, 2016. These fields are also reflected on Step 1 of the Home Upgrade Incentive Calculator.
  • Climate Zone
  • Year Built
  • Floor Construction (Crawlspace/Slab-on-grade)
  • Existing Central Air Conditioning Present? (AC/no AC)
  • Heating (Furnace/Wall Furnace)
  • Water Heating (Electric/Gas)
  • Thermostatic Shut-Off Valve and Low-Flow (No Thermostatic Shut-Off Valve/Thermostatic Shut-Off Valve & Low Flow)
Share Your Expertise: 
Corporate Lunch & Learn Program
Want to share your energy expertise with corporate employees across LA County? Email Christine at and we'll invite you to the next corporate lunch & learn event.
Here's how it works. The Energy Network is currently scheduling lunchtime workshops on Energy Efficiency for Homeowners at corporate offices across LA County. During the one-hour workshop, a representative from The Energy Network provides lunch for attendees along with information on how homes use energy, what homeowners can do to prevent energy loss and how they can tap into the statewide rebates to pay for the upgrades. The workshop closes with a 10-minute "Contractor Q&A" for workshop attendees to speak with a contractor - and that's where you can come in! Your company would be introduced and you would be encouraged to answer audience questions.This would give you a chance to make contact with potential customers after the workshop.
If you're interested in participating in an upcoming corporate Lunch & Learn, please email to receive upcoming dates.
The Energy Network Home Upgrade
Program Updates:  Effective August 1, 2016
To ensure consistent program implementation region-wide, The Energy Network is announcing updated project requirements for  The Energy Network's Energy Upgrade California┬« Home Upgrade program. 

Effective August 1, 2016, the following changes will apply to new Home Upgrade project reservations with The Energy Network:
  • Minimum 10% energy savings OR measure rebate value of $2,000 or greater:
    • Projects with 10% or greater energy savings qualify. No audit is required. An energy savings calculator will be provided by the program.
    • Or,
    • Projects can qualify without the energy savings calculation by including measures with a combined rebate value of $2,000 or greater. This is in alignment with the SCE/SoCalGas program 200-point minimum.
  • Final rebate must not exceed 50% of project cost:
    • The $3,000 maximum is still in place.
    • For example, if the project cost is $5,000, the maximum final rebate is $2,500, even if the sum of measure rebates is $2,700. 
All other program requirements including the three-measure minimum remain the same.

Summary of Program Changes as of August 1, 2016
Existing Requirements
Updated Requirements
Minimum energy savings OR measure rebate value 
Minimum of 1 0% energy savings, or minimum of $2,000 rebate value for all measures
Maximum final rebate
Maximum of $3,000
Maximum final rebate of 50% of project cost, up to $3,000 cap
Timeline Projects received before 8/1/16 and completed before 12/31/16
Projects received after 8/1/16 or completed after 12/31/16

Projects reserved prior to August 1 must submit all post-retrofit data before December 31, 2016 to be exempt from the updated project requirements. 
Getting Started with Contractor Co-op Webinar
Monday, August 22, 2016
8:30AM to 9:00AM
Are you looking for resources to help support your efforts with Home Upgrade? Contractor Co-op could be a great fit for your business. 

This program supports Home Upgrade Participating Contractors by reimbursing 50% of qualifying business costs up to $10,000.
In this webinar, we will cover:
  • Who is eligible, and how to get started with Co-op.
  • Eligible purchases and example projects.
  • How to submit projects and utilize funds.
Questions? We're always happy to help.

Contact us at  or (877) 785-2237.

The Energy Network is administered by the County of Los Angeles and funded by California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.


Energy Upgrade California┬« Home Upgrade provides assistance and incentives for home improvement projects that can reduce energy use and make homes more comfortable. This statewide program is managed locally by utilities and regional energy networks and directed by the California Public Utilities Commission in collaboration with the California Energy Commission. Funding comes from utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Incentives are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are effective until funding is expended or the program is discontinued. Programs may be modified or terminated without prior notice.