We Are
the Roof!

The work on the Historic Turnage Theatre roof structure
is underway!

Photo Credit:
Scott Campbell REALTOR Century 21

The Time is Now
The roof structure and surface, beyond a patch to the top surface and the insertion of an interior brace, was not addressed in the restoration of the theatre in the mid-2000s. The roof structure over the entire front end (from the inside out, trusses and all) must be completed over the next 6 - 8 months to prevent failure in place.

Grant Presentation by FTI
The Fox Theatre Institute presented its funding to AOP on June 3 with a small ceremony for its $50,000 grant which has allowed AOP to hire a contractor.

Work Has Begun 
Thanks to the grant from FTI, the work on the roof has begun. AOP has contracted with T.A. Loving Company to replace the roof structure in a phased process as we continue to raise funding. Work began on June 10 with the demo phase of removing the makeshift tarps and taking down the pressed tin ceiling.

Analysis of the exposed structure is now underway. When it rained & blew hard twice in the past few weeks, we held our breath. Leaks are evident throughout the building and the clock is ticking loudly.

The Path is Clear
The Eddie Smith Family Foundation challenge to secure $75,000 has been met with many thanks for critical support from the City of Washington and private donors.

As of June 25, 2019 a total of $302,000 has been raised toward the anticipated cost of $500,000. Fundraising efforts continue as the work proceeds. You can help!

Big or Small - All Donations Matter
Every penny or donation of artwork or products to raffle off will help to preserve and protect our community’s historic theatre and keep a vibrant, economic engine in downtown Washington open and producing benefits for all.

Donations are accepted by check, cash, credit card or pledge. Online donations may be given via  Paypal .
Documentation of Donations
All donations are being deposited and tracked in a separate CresCom Bank account for theatre roof donations only to ensure all Raise the Roof funds are used for this sole purpose. Please know we are able to provide additional information and documentation of your gift as needed as well.

To make a donation or if you have questions, please contact Lexie Buck, Financials at l.buckaop@gmail.com or Debra Torrence, Executive Director ( d.torrenceaop@gmail.com)  or call 252-946-2504 T-TH 1- 6 PM or Fri 11 AM - 6 PM.

Thank you, thank you for considering this request.
We appreciate your support and welcome a conversation about your potential donation.

Debra Torrence          Lynda Lane
Executive Director                              Board Chair