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September 2014 newsletter! We're excited to keep in touch with you regarding our continued growth in fulfilling our mission. 


Caf´┐Ż Cultura is an award-winning arts, culture, and youth development organization that promotes unity and healing among Indigenous peoples through creative expression while empowering youth to find their voice, reclaim oral and written traditions, and become leaders in their communities. 

We hope this message finds you and your family in good health and spirits.  This newsletter helps us keep you informed of our growth as an organization. Please review and support us in any way you can.  Feel free to find more updates and pictures on our Facebook (facebook.com/cafecultura), Instagram (instagram.com/cafeculturadenver), and Flickr (flickr.com/photos/cafecultura/sets) accounts.

Cafe Cultura presents 
Family Day Open Mic
w/ spoken word, free food (first come basis), art, vendors, dance & community!


Spread the word...Bring your family & friends!!!!!  


Bring art, photos, & poems about family, food, and/or substance abuse.




Note: Make sure to come early to sign up and get a good seat.

WHAT: All ages Open Mic Night
WHEN: 2nd Fri. of every month....September 12th, October 10th (10th Anniversary Showcase), November 14th

--->Doors open w/ Vendors, Art, & Food @ 7pm
--->Show starts @ 7:45pm

WHERE: Denver Inner City Parish/La Academia (9th Ave & Galapago St)

Come express yourself creatively or just chill with your people

Free! (donations accepted)......Everyone is welcome!

September Features:
---->reMARKable or Mark Gutierrez (Denver Hip Hop Artist & Poet) is a 15 year old junior at La Academia. He picked up rapping at the age of 12. From then on, Mark has practiced and developed his craft until he was comfortable enough to share his material. His main purpose is to express and be original, all without sacrificing the complexity of his rhyme scheme. Give his rhymes one listen and it'll be clear that this kid has reMARKable flows.
reMARKable-Right Man(Official Music Video)
reMARKable-Right Man(Official Music Video)

---->The Medicine Heart Dancers (Native American Dance Troupe) is a Native Non-Profit carrying on the cultural traditions of indigenous nations in order to keep them alive for future generations. Empowering our youth one drum beat at a time. 
---->Live Art by Kristina Bad Hand of Bad Hand Illustrations: Kristina is an artist, teacher, entrepreneur and all around creative thinking machine. Born to a Lakota medicine man and a very strong career woman, she was raised appreciating all cultures and ways of life. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and has been active in the art world from a very young age. Her wide interests have caused her to have a little bit of experience in just about everything. Recently she has successfully started her own business and continues to do her art, while teaching kids how to hone their own creative skills and illustrating for Indigenous Narrative Collective Comics.

Community Partners:
---->Cleo Parker Robinson Dance is a Denver-based cultural arts institution established in 1970. The organization is comprised of a professional dance ensemble, year-round dance academy, a 300-seat theatre and education services. CPRD programs come together to create an oasis where a varied population - by gender, race, age and ethnicity - gather to study, share, grow, celebrate and appreciate a modern, cross-cultural approach to community and personal development. Today, CPRD represents one of the largest arts institutions in the Rocky Mountain region serving more 60,000 people each year. www.cleoparkerdance.org 

---->The Denver Resource for Awareness and Prevention (Denver RAP) is your community-based source of information and tools to help identify and prevent teen alcohol and drug abuse, and to promote fun, healthy, positive lifestyle choices. www.denverrap.org

For more info: info@cafecultura.org; 720-394-6589; www.cafecultura.org

Cafe Cultura's Words to Actions is an Indigenous (Native, Chicana/o, Latina/o) youth leadership program that starts with a three week paid camp (July 21 - August 8). Participants gain confidence, cultural awareness, and leadership skills to strengthen their family, community, and/or tribe. Activities include workshops, guest speakers, field trips, creative expression, community outreach, and the creation of a mural.

Levels of support

$150 Pays The Stipend For 1 Youth (Gift #5)

$100 Supports 1 Youth For 4 Days (Gift #4)

$50 Supports 1 Youth For 2 Days (Gift #3)

$25 Supports 1 Youth For 1 Day (Gift #2)

$10 Buys Lunch For 2 Youth (Gift #1)



Gifts for your support


Gift #5: Cafe Cultura Sticker, Book, T-shirt, & print of mural (created by youth)...plus, a print of CC's banner (signed by artist)

Gift #4
: Cafe Cultura Sticker, Book, T-shirt, & print of mural (created by youth)


Gift #3: Cafe Cultura Sticker, Book, & T-shirt

Gift #2: Cafe Cultura Sticker & Book


Gift #1: Cafe Cultura Sticker



To Support, Donate, and/or Fundraise: 



For more information: www.cafecultura.org; 720-394-6589; info@cafecultura.org

We are excited to announce that we have made our recent youth-written books available online. To access each collection of powerful spoken word poetry from participants in our workshop series, simply click on the book cover.


We look forward to starting the school year working with old and new partners.

Make sure to read future newsletters for more updates.
Cafe Cultura's
2013 Annual Report
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Cafe Cultura
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Office: 1029 Santa Fe Dr Unit #6
Hours: Mon-Thurs from 9am to 2:00pm
Fri from 9am to 5pm


Xpress Yourself Basic Spoken Word Workshops for Youth

Recent partners for Cafe Cultura's workshops: 
Rocky Ridge Boarding School (Navajo Nation).

If you are interested in having Cafe Cultura present at your school or organization, feel free to contact us. Our basic version is a one time, 1 to 2 hour session. We have used this highly engaging and culturally relevant workshop structure for over seven years to encourage Chicana/o and Native youth to use spoken word to give voice to our stories of love, struggle, injustice, and celebration. They serve to supplement and support Language Arts/English curriculum. Workshop structure was designed by a spoken word artist with 4 years experience teaching at the middle and high school level with contributions from other poets and youth advocates. Click here for a detailed information sheet.
We're extremely excited to share a promotion video for these workshops (edited by Derek Brown...Chair, Cafe Cultura's Board of Directors).
Cafe Cultura's Xpress Yourself: Hip Hop, Poetry, & Spoken Word workshops
Cafe Cultura's Xpress Yourself: Hip Hop, Poetry, & Spoken Word workshops
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced poet, join us as we workshop poems you are currently drafting or will write during our time together.

WHEN: Saturdays in 2014 (September 20, October 18, November 15, December 20) 
TIME: 11:00 to 12:30pm

WHERE: Cafe Cultura Office (1029 Santa Fe Dr)

Questions: 720-394-6589; info@cafecultura.org

WHEN: Friday, October 10 


--->Doors open w/ food, door prizes, & silent auction @ 7pm

--->Show @ 7:45pm 

WHERE: Denver Inner City Parish/La Academia (9th Ave & Galapago St)

WHAT: All Ages Hip Hop & Spoken Word Showcase

Featuring Frank Waln & Cafe Cultura poets

$5-$30 donation (nobody turned away)

Everyone is welcome!

Exciting Updates

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the amazing energy at the 3rd and final installment of our 4th Annual Art in the Park. Shout out to those who shared on the open mic. We especially appreciate our features (Flor Marquez & Cempoalli 20) for offering their words and energy to uplift us. Special thank you to Thompson Williams & Helen Giron-Mushfiq for sharing information about  

-Cafe Cultura will be collaborating on an HIV/AIDS prevention research project with Assistant Professor, Ramona Beltran and the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Funded by the Public Good Fund through University of Denver's Center for Community Engaged Scholarship and Service Learning, the project will work with several other Denver-based organizations to develop a culture-centered HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum for Indigenous youth and to support increasing education and participation in our annual Rise Up! community event to be held in March, 2015.  Recruitment efforts are slated to begin in January, so stay tuned if you want to be involved.

-We continue to receive support from important members of the foundation community. Thank you to our recent funders: Bowen Family Performing Arts Fund, National Association for Latino Arts and Culture Fund for the Arts, Seventh Generation Fund, Peyback Foundation, Hispanics In Philanthropy, Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, WESTAF, and The Chinook Fund.

-We were honored to have been selected for the 2013 Mayor's Award for Excellence in Arts & Culture (Youth Arts). Here is the video they produced for us: 
2013 Denver Mayor's Awards for Excellence in Arts and Culture - Youth Arts Award: Caf?? Cultura
2013 Denver Mayor's Awards for Excellence in Arts and Culture - Youth Arts Award: Cafe Cultura
-Performances/shows from Cafe Cultura poets: If you want us to host an open mic featuring our spoken word artists, contact us ASAP. Funds will go to sustaining our organization and the work we do in the community (especially our workshops for youth).
-Feel free to visit our website
often for updates (click on the image).
Internships w/ Cafe Cultura!


If you are interested in helping build our organization while gaining valuable experience and making connections in the community, below are the unpaid internship positions we hope to fill ASAP.


Development Intern: provide assistance in organizing activities that will lead to the growth and development of our organization. This includes being involved with implementation of strategic plan, fundraising, and engaging Board of Directors. 

Click Here for Development Intern Job Description


Communications Intern: help in coordinating effective and efficient communication within the organization as well as with the community. In addition to internal communications, this person will focus on promotion and documentation of our programs. 

Click Here for Communications Intern Job Description 


Programs Intern: be actively involved in planning and carrying out programs including events, workshops, and our youth leadership program.

Click Here for Programs Intern Job Description

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