Dear Business Partners,

Take Control, of Your Cash Flow!
It's a bold statement and necessary for the future of any business.
CASH to a business is like the fuel in your car, blood in our veins, and the air we breathe. Without cash we become dysfunctional, are placed on life-support, and sadly cease to exist.
If CASH is so vital to survival . . . . why is it that 25% of small businesses do not know their cash balance, 56% believe their cash balance is on their bank statement, and 69% do not know what their cash balance will be 6 months from now? The answer is . . .. We tend to be creatures of habit than creatures of logic .

Taking Control of Your Cash Flow! is a habit we all can develop through the power of a) $tatements, b) $ystems, and c) $trategies as detailed below:

$ tatements:  Make “I Control My Cash Flow” your new “mantra” and if repeated often enough, it will harness your thoughts towards a shift in behavior. You can use one of mantras below or construct your own mantra here .  
  • “‘I am a money magnet"— Stefanie O’Connell
  • “I will find small, easy ways to make extra money.” — Kyle Taylor
  • “Get it together and get it all.” — Nicole Lapin
  • “A budget doesn’t limit my freedom; it gives me freedom.” — Rachel Cruze

$ ystems Your cash flow management system should give you the capability of answering two essential questions— What is your cash balance now? What will be your cash balance 6 months from now?  While traditional financial statements and bank statements are helpful, they're not as practiical or impactful as the two cash flow systems below (use one or both):
  • “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz – This is a “bank balance” cash flow management system that works with your existing habit of checking your bank account, but with a dynamic twist. Rather than disburse funds according to the formula "Sales – Expenses = Profit" through one bank account funds are disbursed based on "Sales – Profit = Expenses" through several accounts. The strength of this system is its ease and simplicity. Learn more hereIf you have an interest implementing this system click here and/or give me a call to start and join a Profit First Pod.
  • “Peace of Mind Schedule” by Phillip Campbell – This is an excel-based system that presents the cash flow items in a logical sequence and over a period of: 6 months past, current day, and 6 months forward. The strength of this system features an early warning system on upcoming cash shortages. With this knowledge you can make strategic cash flow decisions in advance. This system will require more discipline and skill, but is worth your time. You can download the excel sheet and learn more here

$ trategies:   With the power of your statement and implementation of your system you are well prepared to pursue key strategies to Take Control of Your Cash! Below are a few broad strategies, For a list of articles including the "Cash Flow Checklist" , check here :
  • Improve/Accelerate Cash Inflow -Sell higher, Collect Sooner
  • Slow/Optimize Cash Outflows -Buy Lower, Extend Payment Terms,
  • Convert/Leverage Assets into Cash – Sell underutilized property, plant, and equipment and obsolete inventory, Turn Inventory more quickly, Leverage any asset on the balance sheets into loans when needed.  
  • Plan/Navigate through Cash Gaps – Invest cash surplus in greater interest-bearing accounts, Obtain a line of credit for seasonal cash shortages.

The most important asset in your business is CASH FLOW, and the amount it can generate and accumulate determines its value.  Profit is for the books, but CASH is for the business . If your business is important, then CASH FLOW should be just as important.  

The bottom line . . . . CASH FLOW should be uppermost in the mind of the entrepreneur. Your $tatements, your $ystems, and your $trategies are the beginnings of developing a good habit in Taking Control of Your Cash Flow!

Let us know what strategies you are employing or how we can help each other in this crisis. You can find more business resources at . Also p lease contact us at 309-494-8640 or for any questions or assistance. We look forward to rebuilding Peoria together.


Cesar Suarez
Cesar J. Suarez
Senior Development Specialist