eView Newsletter August 2020
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Coming Up
Registration is open now! Don't miss out on these upcoming training classes and free webinars.

Our Web Training sessions are instructor-led and provide training certification upon completion. Best of all, your team will not have to leave the office (or their homes) to complete this valuable training.

Purchase individual sessions via the links below or contact our training specialist for discounts on full suites.

GAGEtrak Web Training Suites
for anyone who uses GAGEtrak 7

August Suite:
Session 1: August 3 – Closed
Session 2: August 6 – Purchase Now
Session 3: August 10 – Purchase Now
Session 4: August 13 – Purchase Now

September Suite:
Session 1: Sept. 14 – Purchase Now
Session 2: Sept. 17 – Purchase Now
Session 3: Sept. 21 – Purchase Now
Session 4: Sept. 24 – Purchase Now

GAGEtrak Lite Web Training Suites
for anyone who uses GAGEtrak Lite

August Suite:
Session 1: August 4 – Closed
Session 2: August 11 – Purchase Now

September Suite:
Session 1: Sept. 16 – Purchase Now
Session 2: Sept. 23 – Purchase Now

Admin Web Training Suites
for GAGEtrak administrators

August Suite:
Session 1: August 5 – Purchase Now
Session 2: August 12 – Purchase Now

September Suite:
Session 1: Sept. 15 – Purchase Now
Session 2: Sept. 22 – Purchase Now

See the full training schedule here.

To register for any of these trainings or for info about our custom training options, please contact our Training Specialist at 1-800-777-7020 ext. 134 or training@cybermetrics.com.
Free Webinars

August 6

August 20

September 3

See the full webinar schedule and descriptions here.

On-demand Podcast
Globalization Forces Calibration Software Providers to get their Heads in the Cloud (Quality Magazine)
Support Portal
Did you know that we have a GAGEtrak Support Portal?

The Portal includes a knowledge base for answers to common questions and explanations for any potential issues you may experience. The Portal is also the most efficient way to create a support ticket and engage the support team.

Click here for instructions on creating a Support Portal account and further info about learning resources.
Why You Should Control Gauge Reliability and How to Optimize It

Optimum Reliability target (ORT) is not only an important measure to achieve reliability with your critical M&TE, it is also an important financial tool for reducing your calibration costs. Many companies who see the cost curve for the first time are astonished at the financial impact on their overall calibration costs.

Read the full story here.
Tech Tip
Managing Drop-down Lists in GAGEtrak 7

Drop-down lists in GAGEtrak, such as the Current Location field in the Gages -> Information tab, can become cluttered with duplicates, misspellings or other unnecessary entries:
In GAGEtrak 7, it's a breeze to clean up these lists. Navigate to Setup -> Dropdown List Management and locate the record for the list you want to modify:
Here, row 4 contains a misspelled value (Inspectoin). Click the grey box to the left of that value to select it. From the Tools menu, click Delete. The program asks if you want a new value to replace the deleted value:
In this instance, click Yes. The Select New Status window will open. Select "Inspection" to replace the misspelled value you are deleting:
Click OK and close the window. The accurate value has now replaced the misspelled value throughout all records.

Administrators can lock the list to prevent future incorrect entries by selecting Cannot add items from the AddItemBehaviour field. If you would prefer to allow for list additions, but want the user to be prompted to confirm the action (for the sake of double-checking spelling, for instance), you would select Ask to add items from the AddItemBehaviour field.

Cleaning up and locking drop-down lists is a great way to prevent mistakes and speed up data entry.

We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities in your GAGEtrak software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.