When Bethany Christian Services announced their plans to compromise with the state of Michigan by not discriminating against LGBT couples who wanted to adopt and foster children through their organization, many Christians responded with conflicting views. But in this controversy over custody, what many are forgetting are the overall best interests of the child.
For churches and other religious assemblies, the Chicago Zoning Ordinance requires 1 parking space for every 8 seats in a church's sanctuary. Given the lack of parking in Chicago and the limited availability of land, this can be a very heavy burden. Recognizing this dilemma, the Chicago City Council recently enacted zoning legislation that allows certain exceptions to these parking requirements.
If you work in ministry, you know that some of the most exciting times of the year involve mission trips and outings. These events, however, should not be rushed into without careful legal planning. Unfortunately, you can never fully remove the risk associated with these events, but you can plan accordingly should the unexpected happen.
"We are very thankful to the Village for recognizing our right to use 25 Court Street as a church, and we are grateful for opportunities to make humble appeals to proper authorities. Although our civil right to worship in this building has been debated for months, the justice system has been faithful to this essential liberty."
Whether you're currently leading a Bible study of your own and looking to improve, or thinking about starting one for the first time, the following information has been gleaned and assembled from many years of experience and compiled into a few easy steps that will help you both prepare and present a Bible study.

Also included: principles for navigating the book of Genesis' cultural nuances and translation ambiguity, by John W. Mauck.
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