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Convenience 2020
Panelists (at left) Chris Hart, Amanda Sulc and Juan Jorquera listen to comments from Elyssa Allahyar-Steiner.
Today's consumer is the most spoiled in history when it comes to having what they want when they want it. UberEATS - an online meal ordering and delivery platform - and Amazon Go - a new grocery store where consumers can pay without using a cashier - are recent innovations that are likely to impact the refreshment services industry.

So what will convenience services look like in 2020? A panel consisting of millennials in the refreshment services industry tackled that question during the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) OneShow in Las Vegas. The session was titled, "2020, What will convenience services look like? Insights from ELN."

Panelists included: CJ Recher, director of marketing, Five Star Food Service Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn.; Elyssa Allahyar-Steiner, marketing director, Cantaloupe Systems, Inc., San Francisco; Juan Jorquera, founder and chief operating officer, Vagabond Vending, Washington, D.C.; Chris Hart, director of micro markets, Southern Refreshment Services, Tucker, Ga.; Amanda Sulc, director of category insights and strategy, Accent Food Services, Pflugerville, Texas; and Ashilyn Sunderman, vice president and Clarinda general manager, Smith Vending, a Canteen franchisee based in Clarinda, Ia.

Opt Connect Cellular Connectivity for Vending

The IIC Guardian
The IIC Guardian has 24 adjustable compartments.
IIC, a division of Seaga, has developed an intelligent inventory management tool to complement its IIC system, the IIC Guardian.

Outfitted with LED lighting and boasting 24 secur e field adjustable compartments, the Guardian brings check-in/check-out capabilities and a robust cloud-based software package that is completely integrated with reporting features.

The Guardian provides accounting of supply usage, enabling the forecasting and reduction of inventory levels by 50 percent or more. The IIC system allows companies to stock what they need, when they need it, providing disclosure on who has what, when and where.

NAYAX One complete award-winning system

AR Systems Intros Backend Management System With Anonymous Shopper Tracking
Automated Retailing Systems
The backend management system can manage a wide range of vended products.
AR Systems, a provider of automated retailing systems, self-service kiosks and custom vending solutions, has introduced its new backend management system. 

The proprietary system is fully interactive and intuitive, and provides global and individual machine reports, down to the product level. 

The new AR Systems dashboard includes: 
  • Operator portal - Data is connected through all report configurations. This includes charts and graphs, down to each machine, location, product and shopper. 
  • Real-time alerts and notifications - Operators can view everything happening in the system, including transactions, inventory, machine alerts and more. 
  • Role-based portal access - Employee access can be restricted to certain areas of the portal. 
Minus Forty Technologies' New Cooler Has Smart Healthlock Timer

The Smartlock
The Smartlock is now available on double door coolers.
Minus Forty Technologies Corp. has released its 43-UDGR-L1 cooler with Smartlock Health Timer.

Previously only offered on single door coolers and freezers, Smartlock is now available on double door coolers to allow merchandising of perishable food products alongside beverages in the same unit.

Smartlock was designed to meet both NAMA standards as well as state health department regulations that require l ockout mechanisms in the event of a high temperature event within the cooler or freezer. 

Feedback from industry stakeholders indicated a strong demand for this new configuration. The primary objective was to reduce both cost and overall footprint. By comparison to two single door locking coolers, the 43-UDGR cooler with Smartlock will cut purchase costs by approximately 25 percent and narrow the footprint by 13.5 inches.

The 43-UDGR models meet both DOE 2017 and EPA 2020 regulations. 

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