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Science Buddies'  Lesson Plans provide teachers with hands-on activities that can be completed in a short amount of time. These activities are perfect for classroom demonstration or group projects. Lesson Plans provide summary information, materials lists, handouts for student assessment, a printable guide for teachers, and more. Plus, new Science Buddies Lesson Plans note relevant standards, including NGSS. See the Junkbots and Bristlebots Lesson Plans to explore this new level of support for educators.

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Alternative Energy Science
Pumpkin Power
With the Veggie Power kit, students can explore electricity and the generation of power from ordinary fruits and vegetables. You can use potatoes or lemons for this experiment, or shake things up and test seasonal produce like pumpkins and squash. How will different vegetables compare? This project is easy to set up but offers visible results! 

Students interested in alternative power may also enjoy exploring projects using a Microbial Fuel Cell

Special STEM Project Collections
Diabetes Science
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Students interested in science related to diabetes can learn more with hands-on science projects and activities. Check our diabetes science roundup and bookmark or pin it for reference! 

See also:  Science, Biochemistry, and Sugar to learn about the Sugar Metabolism Kit.  

Virtual Reality Science Projects
With cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, students can jump in and explore the science behind this growing field. New projects from Science Buddies help students get started. The Virtual Reality Science Projects collection makes it easy to locate projects, science articles, and related careers. 

Development of resources to support student exploration of science and technology related to Virtual Reality is provided by Best Buy Foundation.

New Kits in the Science Buddies Store
Electric Playdough / Squishy Circuits Kit Strength of an Electromagnet
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