FromFrom Mary Kubasak, LWVIL President
Dear Members:

Convention is your opportunity to help shape the future of our League.
It is grassroots decision making, time to share your successes and a place to learn, all wrapped up in one fun weekend.
I truly hope to see many of you there! 
In League,
LeagueLeague of Women Voters of Illinois Convention 2017: 'Making Democracy Work -- Shaping the Future'

On-line registration HERE; Mail-in registration HERE.

Among the issues and questions that will be explored during the pre-convention workshops as well as the convention itself are:

How can we shape a future where fairness and equity are the norm?  It begins with a conversation--about the issue at the root of societal tension, the cause of much social injustice, a topic with widespread public policy implications. That issue is race and racism, a subject so sensitive that we avoid talking about it.

Race has no biological basis, yet as a social construct it has been a major force throughout the development of the United States, even if our history books failed to record it.  

What can we as individuals, as League members, and as members of our larger communities think, say, and do to examine the legacy of racism on attitudes, beliefs, and policy--and work toward a more equitable future? 

We have invited four women to help us as we together consider answers to these questions and help us think about the role of race in our perceptions, our organizational voice, and public policy.

Don't miss out on these opportunities to engage in an important topic.
  • Friday Workshop speaker, pioneering environmental epidemiologist Sylvia Hood Washington, Ph.D., will be speaking on Environmental Justice--Past, Present, and Uncertain Future.
  • Saturday's lunch speaker, LWVUS Chief Executive Officer, Wylecia Wiggs Harris, Ph.D., will address Diversity in the League.
  • Saturday's dinner speaker, Kyra Kyles, former Editor-in-Chief of EBONY magazine and immediate past president of the National Association of Black Journalists, will speak on Changing the Narrative in Discussions of Race.
  • A Sunday morning caucus led by Eileen Heineman, Director of the Racial Justice Community Engagement initiative at the YWCA Evanston/North Shore, will explore how to have personal and community conversations in Talking about Race: It's Not as Hard as We Make It.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you have some time and would like to put in a few hours for the League, please consider volunteering to contribute to the success of the 2017 Convention.  HERE is the information, including a place to sign up.  Thanks to all of you for considering this opportunity.

CONVENTION IN BRIEF HERE are some highlights, including session start times. 

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