All are invited and welcome to attend this year's 203rd Annual Convention.
Friday, November 8:  Convention Eucharist will be held at Grace, Sandusky. A dinner held at Lyman Harbor will follow Eucharist.
Saturday, November 9:  All convention business at Lyman Harbor, 1615 First Street, Sandusky.
Who Should Register: Everyone - Visitors, Volunteers, Delegates, Alternates, Youth, Clergy
Attendee Registration Fee: $38*
Registration Closes: Friday, October 11
If you have questions about registration, please contact Betty Kondrich at 216.774.0466 or Eva Cole at 216.774.0457.
*The registration fee is waived if you are only attending the Eucharist, but you still must register.
Important Notes:  
  1. Parishes need to elect delegates before October 11.  
  2. Certification of lay parish delegations must be submitted by the Clerk of the Vestry by October 25.