Disrupting Money Laundering
Having received two reports and launched a public inquiry, Finance Minister Carole James, Attorney General David Eby and an expert panel detailed the progress made and the challenges that remain in the provincial effort to rein in money laundering in a policy session today. Panelists explored how British Columbians are still coming to terms with how money laundering affects civil society and the 'colossal failure' of the regulatory system to deal with the problem. Read more 
Local Government Finance System to be Reviewed
UBCM Executive has approved the re-establishment of the Select Committee on Local Government Finance to undertake a comprehensive review of the Strong Fiscal Futures Report. Read more 
First Nation - Local Government Economic Collaboration 
The First Nations Summit, Province of British Columbia and UBCM - with funding from the Indigenous Business and Investment Council - have partnered in the development and release of Pathways to Collaboration, a series of case studies that showcases the growing number of successful economic development collaborations between First Nations and local governments. Read more 
New funding Supports Poverty Action, Seniors 
New funding for two programs will help local governments develop plans and projects to benefit some of BC's most vulnerable residents. Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, announced new funding program targeting the reduction of poverty at the local level. The new Poverty Reduction Planning and Actions Program will provide $5 million over three years to help local governments combat poverty in their communities. Read more 
Prioritizing Emergency Management 
On the opening day of convention, representatives of the BC Wildfire Service, Emergency Management BC, and George Abbott, co-chair of the BC Flood and Wildfire Review presented their ideas and initiatives on improving community resiliency through emergency preparedness programs. Read more 
September 23, 2019
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