Decisions from Sept 25 Resolutions Debate 
The following is a summary of the resolutions considered on Wednesday, September 25 at the 2019 Convention. The full and exact wording of any amendments will appear in the Convention Minutes. Read more 
Policy Options for Short-term Rentals    
A new provincial - UBCM advisory group will provide the province with policy options to strengthen the regulation of short-term rentals. UBCM President Arjun Singh informed delegates of the newly formed staff-led group in an address Wednesday. UBCM has made repeated calls for greater provincial involvement in the establishment of platform accountability agreements with operators to increase long-term rental stock in communities and curb speculative demand. Read more 
Province, Local Governments Working Together    
Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, spoke with delegates about the many ways the Province and local governments are working together to build resilient communities during her address at Convention today. Read more
UBCM Community Excellence Award Winners   
The Union of British Columbia Municipalities has presented its 2019 Community Excellence Awards at the UBCM annual convention in Vancouver. The awards showcase municipalities and regional districts that have implemented projects and programs that demonstrate excellence in meeting the purposes of local government in BC. Read more  
Green Party Leader Renews Call for Innovation    
Green Party of BC leader Andrew Weaver called on BC's local government leaders to be courageous, ambitious, and innovative in working towards an inevitable transformation of BC's economy. Read more 
Revitalization of the ALR and ALC  
The revitalized legislative framework for planning and decision-making in the ALR has impacted local governments and created some uncertainty. This morning, the Ministry of Agriculture, with the Agricultural Lands Commission, addressed these changes and identified their intent to work closely with local governments as part of their new engagement strategy. Read more 
Resiliency & Change in BC Forests   
BC's forests, forest industry and its forest dependent communities are in the midst of a transition that is unprecedented, delegates to the forests policy session heard on Tuesday afternoon. Presenters confirmed and described the present crisis and pointed to signs of hope for rural communities. Read more 
September 25, 2019
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