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We hope you will find inspiration and uplift this month in the following offerings by Gaiafield and our partners.

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U DAY Ethiopia: 
Convergence of Fire Online Global Meditation
Free Virtual Event -- join by teleconference or audio webcast

Guided by Gaiafield co-founder David T. Nicol, in collaboration with Unity Earth
Saturday February 3, 10am US Pacific/6pm UTC/9pm Ethiopia local time ( Find the time in your area here)

Please join us  Saturday February 3 for a free online global meditation in support of the Unity Earth sponsored  U DAY Festival in Ethiopia, the Land of Origins.

On February 3, as part of the U DAY festivities for World Interfaith Harmony Week, a powerful ritual will take place in Ethiopia involving the convergence of three torches: the Unity Torch carried by the Thai Interfaith Foundation, the Global Compassion Torch carried by the Compassion Games, and the Peace Torch carried by the Empowerment Institute. On February 3, these torches will come together to light the Global Torch of One Love. This torch will carry the spiritual energy of multiple streams of global healing initiatives, representing millions of people, and will be lit at the numerous subsequent U DAY Festivals planned between now and 2022.
On February 3, we invite you to join thousands of people of goodwill around the planet to help 'light' the Global Torch of One Love with our collective presence and prayers for planetary healing. Participate in this historic global initiative from the comfort of your living room, via teleconference or audio webcast.

This virtual event is offered by Unity Earth in collaboration with the Gaiafield Project, and is co-sponsored by a broad international coalition of over 60 visionary organizations.

Free Public Events by Gaiafield

Thursday February 1 ~ 12noon US Pacific
Global Shift Meditation
The Power and Promise of Ritual
With Yeye Luisah Teish, author, storyteller, and world- renowned Priestess of Oshun

Please join us Thursday February 1 for our next Global Shift Meditation with Yeye Teish, for a deep experiential dive into the power of ritual for personal, cultural, and political transformation.

Since ancient times, shamanic cultures understood the power of ritual to bring individuals and human societies back into right relationship with the whole of life. Modern societies have largely forgotten or dismissed this wisdom, and have become so imbalanced that the ecological foundations of life on Earth are in peril. What can we learn, individually and collectively, about the potential of ritual to restore us to balance? What magic can we weave together, in uncertain times, to awaken our deeper powers and catalyze collective change?

As we begin African-American history month, please join world renowned writer and ritual maker Yeye Teish for a timely discussion of the role of ritual in both the personal and collective dimensions of healing. At the heart of our call, Teish will guide us in a visualization practice, sourced from the West African Yoruba tradition, to open our consciousness to the subtle powers of life that can lead us back into wholeness.

Wednesday January 31
6pm US Pacific

Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Meditation

With Cynthia Jurs, founder of Alliance for the Earth and Open Way Sangha  & special guest Ben Emery, steward of the next ETV to be buried in Australia

Since January 2017, we have been building a strong and deep energy field through our monthly practice of the Earth Treasure Vase Global Meditation, in partnership with Cynthia Jurs. 

This Wednesday we will be joined by a special guest, Ben Emery, who will share with us the story of a very powerful pilgrimage he will lead to bury an Earth Treasure Vase in Australia, in partnership with several Aboriginal elders of his region.  

Please join us to weave together the threads of global community and to plant seeds of deep intention for the healing of our Earth.

Register here for our global full moon Earth Treasure Vase meditation via teleconference on Wednesday January 31 at 6pm US Pacific/9pm Eastern/2am London.

(Note: you do not need to register again if you have already registered for this call series)

Partner Offerings

In the spirit of collective empowerment, the Gaiafield Project shares inspired offerings from fellow thought leaders we have had the pleasure of working with in the fields of subtle and sacred activism. The teachers and organizations that we recommend have been a great source of inspiration to us and we sincerely hope they will be for you as well. 

Why Conscious Business? Why You? Why Now?
A complimentary webinar with Steve Farrell and Kristin Vesa, presented by Conscious Business Innerprise

January 31, 2018

In the last year and a half, Steve Farrell and Humanity's Team have been developing a wonderful Conscious Business initiative that is intended to create a powerful channel between Source consciousness and the business world. Check out this free webinar to learn how you can: 
  • Connect your professional life with your deeply held values and passions.
  • Help bring consciousness to business and ensure that all stakeholders win together.
  • Actually experience love, compassion and a connection to Source through your work.
  • Join creativity and genius that benefit people and planet, in addition to profit.

Gaiafield Project ~