As this week's weather reminds us, fall is here!
I hope you are enjoying the many colors of the season.

As always, September is a very busy time for all of us at EAL -
Our Fall Conversation Groups kick off this week, with almost 200 learners enrolled...

New tutoring matches are also in progress. Learners will be matched with a local tutor for online instruction for one year or 100 hours....

Planning has begun for our annual Volunteer Development Conference; the format for this year's program will be announced soon....

The pilot for our newest program, Caregiver English, is also set to launch later this fall.

Read on the learn how to support EAL through the Stop & Shop Bag Program, view our
FY 2021 Impact Report, and read how EAL learners practice English with Haiku!

Your continued interest and support inspires and sustains our mission.

Thank you for your important contributions to English At Large.

Best regards,

Maureen Willis, Executive Director
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FY 2021 Impact Report

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EAL Learners use Haiku to Practice English
EAL Conversation Group facilitators are fun and creative people, who put tremendous thought and energy into planning activities for their learners!
EAL volunteer Cathy recently invited her learners to practice their English using Haiku,
a Japanese poetic form used to express a mood or feeling.
Shared with permission, using the expression "only a slight breeze"
Presenting EAL Conversation Group Learner Hailku
Only a slight breeze
Can you smell the sunflowers?
It is my birthday!

By Naoki
Only a slight breeze
Ride my bike to catch the wind
But it disappears

By Linda Lin
Walking Nauset Beach
Low tide, early morning fog
Only a slight breeze

By Cathy
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