Conversations Clas
December 2, 2018
Drop by for some nibbles and holiday cheer!
December 7 | 7:00-10:00pm
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This Sunday:
Nativity Play
Wood Fellowship Hall
All classes will join in WFH to hear the story of the birth of Jesus as told through song, word and staging.
Ten Prayers That Shaped the World
Sept. 9 - Dec. 16 | @10am

  • Dec. 9    NATIVITY PLAY (Combined in WFH)

  • Dec. 16  Mother Theresa’s Daily Prayer

  • Dec. 23: Welcoming Love at Christmas (Combined in WFH) - All ages will gather to welcome God who is Love made flesh. Through activity stations, we will celebrate not just the first coming of Jesus, but also the coming of Christ into our lives again and again.

Cumulative Prezi : Click here: Copy of Ten Prayers that Changed the World . It's a work in progress so it will update as Mary Margaret adds for the coming week.

Text for class: Lessons come from Ten Prayers that Shaped the World , by Jean-Pierre Isbouts. Although reading the book prior to class is not necessary, it may be helpful in your own spiritual lives and in the Sunday discussions.