Conversations with God
“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks”
(1 Thessalonians 5:16, 17.)
For a Christian, prayer is not an act of faith only. Prayer is a way of life. I believe the life of a praying Christian is a life filled with power, strength, and peace. More importantly, a praying Christian’s life will be a direct reflection of those quiet, meditative moments spent reaching God’s ear and heart.
Luke 20:46– 47 gives clear evidence that it’s not the length of time spent in prayer, but rather the steadfastness of the heart set. God looks kindly upon those who spend even slight moments leaning on Him for guidance and support but prefers deeper, personal connection.
Some Christians use a prayer closet or special area set aside for prayer, meditation and reflection. The Life of a praying Christian can also be strengthened while performing their daily activities. Instead of performing these tasks mindlessly, we can take advantage of these times to cultivate prayer as a way of life.
Pray while in bed and during personal care ...
This is the perfect time to pray for you and your family’s health and well-being, including any prayers for those who you know are ill. God is the best healing balm for Christians, but it must be applied often, and the prayer should be specific.
Praying while running errands ...
Today’s Christian is a busy person who is tasked with caring for the many needs of their household family. Whether it’s carpooling children, shopping for groceries and clothing, or going to the bank, each of these tasks can be a time to ask for God’s protection and favor upon you and your family.
Preparing meals with God ...
Treat cooking family meals as a means of reflective prayer. Mount a plaque with a favorite scripture somewhere in the kitchen to serve as a support prompt. The goal of praying while cooking is that it can turn a tedious or mundane activity into one that is filled with peace and joy.
Commuting to work ...
Driving time is an excellent opportunity to petition the throne of grace for the day’s activities and involvement. It will help empower your day and end the day in restful peace.
Idle waiting moments ...
We all experience levels of idle waiting moments while we are on hold on the telephone, sitting in the doctor’s office, or waiting for someone to show up. These are precious times to defer our thoughts to our God.
The praying Christian can use each of these opportunities as a time to invite Jesus to come into their presence and to be with them as they perform their daily activities and end their day in His watchful care.
My most effective time in conversation with God is when I’m alone with my God in His creation.
Jim Hohnberger
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