We recently had the opportunity to record some “back yard” conversations with each of the candidates on The Elms Party: Barbara Borsack, Richard Lawler, and Ray Harden.
We hope you’ll take a moment to watch these short videos to hear their thoughts and learn more about each of these residents who are running for office.
Here are some endorsements
from local officials and residents:
“As a mayor of an East End village, cooperation and collaboration with our neighbors is vital. Barbara, Rick and Ray are valuable partners to the East End in the effort to keep our area healthy, environmentally sound and safe in these challenging times.” Kathleen Mulcahy - Mayor of Sag Harbor Village
"Barbara Borsack is the best choice for mayor in this year's election. Few people have her integrity and character or have given more to our community." Larry Cantwell - Former East Hampton Town Supervisor
"I urge you to vote for Barbara Borsack for mayor. She echoes my feelings completely and understands the treasure that East Hampton Village is. She has proven over a lifetime of living in the village how committed she is to preservation and respect for the community." Steven Ringel - former executive director of East Hampton Chamber of Commerce
"Barbara Borsack, a lifelong resident of the village, is a proven leader who is respected for her commitment and service to the community. I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara on town committees and projects and know that she is smart, thoughtful, and thorough in seeking solutions." 
Sylvia Overby – East Hampton Town councilwoman
"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. I cast my vote for Barbara Borsack." Nancy Andrews - former President of LVIS – letter to East Hampton Star
"Barbara Borsack, Richard Lawler, and Ray Harden are candidates who live, work, and contribute to our village and I urge resident to support them for mayor and village trustee respectively." Mary Busch – letter to East Hampton Star
"Barbara's many accomplishments and achievements while serving on the Village Board have both benefited the village and preserved its history, charm, and beauty. Barbara would be a highly qualified mayor with decades of relevant experience." Pam and John Cataletto – letter to East Hampton Star
"...the Village truly needs someone with your values and dedication, especially in these times." Robert and Karen DeFriest
"I have known Barbara Borsack a long time. I know she would do an excellent job as mayor." Ralph George – letter to East Hampton Star
"She is the one who cares the most about the future of the village and how things should and will work in the future." Dan Reichl – Facebook post
"The residents of the village, and the town as well, will not have any regrets if Barbara Borsack is elected as the new mayor of East Hampton Village." Sheila Rogers – letter to East Hampton Star
"She has been and is a wonderful resource for our community" John and Pat Ryan – letter to East Hampton Star
"I believe Barbara, Rick, and Ray understand the issues and will move forward to maintain the quality of life hoped for by all village residents." Mary Siska – letter to East Hampton Star
"I pray that she is elected!" Audrey Stonemetz – Facebook post
“All three are amazing citizens of East Hampton village who take such great pride and care of their hometown! And it shows! They have my vote!” Lisa Madeleine Armon – Facebook post
“I know that Barbara has what it takes to be the next mayor of the village. She has served for many years in our local government... good governmental leadership requires honesty, integrity, excellent communication skills, confidence to inspire others, resilience, and transparency. She has the vision and passion to keep this beautiful village protected.” Maureen Bluedorn – letter to East Hampton Star
“Barbara is an excellent choice. No one finer!” Anne Cantwell – Facebook post
“I for one think The Elms Party will be the best choice for "Our Village". As for the alternate party supporters - I say be careful what you wish for.” Zanetta Classens - Facebook post
“Couldn’t ask for a more intelligent, experienced, fair candidate to run your village than Barbara Borsack. “ Kathy Havlik - Facebook post
“I believe in the Elms Party - Barbara, Ray,and Rick. They believe in the betterment of East Hampton. I hope you can cast your votes for all 3.” J.J. Nolis – Facebook post
“I know they earned my vote.”Allan P. White – letter to East Hampton Star