Rachel Zenzinger for Colorado Senate District 19
Rachel Zenzinger
Colorado Senate Candidate
April 25, 2016
We're walking, talking
with great interaction

In what might be a sign of widespread disillusionment, residents of District 19 have been especially receptive to some in-depth, door-step discussions about state politics. I have done a lot of canvassing for various political races over the years, but this season's activity has struck a chord like no other. Voters want to know about the changes I plan to make as I regain the seat representing their district in the Colorado Senate; and they want to know what I can do to turn things around from the disappointment of the last two years.

I have had many discussions about the economy (we're going to level the playing field so that hard-working folks in the middle class can succeed) and we have talked about education, and what it's going to take for Colorado to fund our schools in an equitable manner. 

Said one resident, "When I learned about her support of the former school board majority, and the ways she has undermined our schools, it made my decision pretty easy in this election."

We hope to get to every door in the District by Election Day, Nov. 8. If you would like to walk with us, we would love to hear from you.
Volunteer Kickoff event
All campaign volunteers by now should have received an invitation to the May 1 Volunteer Kickoff event, and we hope to see you there. If you haven't RSVP'd for the event, please send an email to RachelforColorado@gmail.com. This is a "private" event, and we will send details individually to attendees. If you can't make it to the event but you still want to donate to the campaign, please click here. Thank you!
More endorsements
Our campaign has received the endorsement of several additional community leaders including State Sen. Mary Hodge, Westminster City Councilwoman Shannon Bird, Arvada City Councilman Mark McGoff and former District Attorney Dave Thomas.

Says Sen. Hodge, "Now more than ever, the State of Colorado needs people like Rachel Zenzinger in the legislature, and I hope you'll consider voting for her. I have seen the way she is able to collaborate with her colleagues, and I admire her intelligence and quality of work."

Says Councilwoman Bird, ""Rachel represents and fights for what our community truly cares about and needs - public safety, quality education and a growing economy that works for all of us. These goals will not be achieved without the right people leading us at the State Capitol. This is why we need Rachel Zenzinger in the Colorado Senate to fight for our values now more than ever before."

Other supporters include former Rep. Sue Schafer, former School Board members Jill Fellman and Lesley Dahlkemper, plus current School Board member Brad Rupert and CU Regent Irene Griego.

Says Hon. Sue Schafer, "In Rachel Zenzinger's time as a member of the Colorado Senate, she showed that she was able to gain the respect of colleagues from both parties, which allowed her to get some very beneficial bills passed. She has a positive attitude, she is productive, and she has the kind of professionalism we need in the Senate."

Says Dahlkemper, "Rachel Zenzinger's strong commitment to our community and her passion for quality education is unparalleled. She's a leader with a proven track record of advocating for great schools for all children in Jeffco and across Colorado. She is the best choice for the State Senate in District 19. I hope you will vote for her."

We have also received endorsement from the Colorado Blue Flower Fund.
Rachel Zenzinger
Rachel Zenzinger

Key fundraising time

This Wednesday marks the end of another fundraising period, and it is important for the campaign to hit its financing marks. We will invest the funds in campaign tools that we will use repeatedly throughout the campaign, from now through November, so now is the time to donate. If you can contribute to the campaign before the end of the day Wednesday, we would especially appreciate it. Thank you!
Bad idea of the month
Of all the out-of-touch moves my opponent has made in the legislature this year, one of the worst was her insertion of an amendment into the budget bill that would have prohibited the use of state funds to purchase fetal tissue for research.
This was pure grandstanding, because state funds are already barred from use for this purpose.

Fortunately, her colleagues saw her proposal for the weak attention-getting tactic that it was, and it was not included in the final version of the budget.

Gathering yard-sign sites
We have had a significant number of requests from people who want Rachel Zenzinger campaign yard signs, and we will distribute them around the district in the near future. If you want a sign in your yard, or if you know of a confirmed location, please send us an  email and include your full address and phone number. We will alert you when we are ready to deliver the sign.  Thank you! you!
Nick Kipling sign

Westminster Pride Day
We expect to have a good turnout for our "team" participation in the Westminster Community Pride Day on the Jeffco side of Sheridan Boulevard. We will meet 8:30 a.m. May 14 at the Open Space, northwest of the 76th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard intersection. After we clean up that area, we'll head over to the volunteer party at Irving Park. Come get your campaign T-shirt, help us find some litter, and join us for refreshments, music and prizes. If you want to join us, please send an email to RachelforColorado@gmail.com.

Every important political campaign these days requires significant funding, and this one is no exception. We need to find a way to pay for brochures, direct mail pieces, advertisements and other tools to help make voters aware of their choices. Please consider making any level of contribution to the "Rachel Zenzinger for Colorado" campaign, and help me get elected in 2016.


Information for Donors

DonorInfoUnder Colorado campaign finance law, contributions to candidates from individuals, sole proprietorships, LLPs, LLCs, and state PACs are limited to $400 per election cycle. Contributions from Small Donor Committees are limited to $4,500 per election cycle. Contributions from corporations, labor unions, foreign governments, and non-U.S. citizens are prohibited. Campaign finance law also requires us to provide information about all contributors' occupations, and their employers. Please be specific when you supply that information, which must accompany all donations. If you are retired or unemployed, please so indicate. Please note that political campaign contributions are not tax-deductible. Thank you!


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