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Lawful Use of Medical Marijuana Could Raise Issues for Employees
A major conflict has arisen between medical marijuana patients and employers regarding workplaces with a drug-free policy. When a military veteran turned high school administrator refused to stop using his medical marijuana for chronic pain related to a combat injury, he was fired by the Marion County School Board.

Attorney Kamilah Perry, an expert and legal advisor on Florida’s labor and employment laws, says she’s not surprised by the administrator’s firing, given that medical marijuana users aren’t protected under any federal or state anti-discrimination laws. Any employer in Florida, private or public, is within its rights to terminate an employee who tests positive for using marijuana, even when it’s legally prescribed.

That lack of protection also means, Perry said, that “there's no remedy at all for a medical marijuana user” to legally challenge an employer’s termination decision.


But all that could change if the Florida Legislature were to pass — and the governor signed — a bill that would extend workplace protections to medical marijuana patients. Two recently filed companion bills, S.B. 962 and H.B. 335, offer some hope but only to public employees and job applicants seeking employment in the public sector.

Perry said she believes private employers in Florida are trying to accommodate employees being treated with medical marijuana as long as they don’t pose a risk to coworkers or themselves.

 “A lot of employers. . . understand that medical marijuana is not the same as getting high on regular, on street level, marijuana; that it is a pain reliever. So, I think the attitudes are definitely changing,” she said.

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“I have been fighting cancer for five years now and it [medical marijuana] has helped tremendously with weight gain and eating.” -T.K in Lake City, FL

“I became disabled in 2018 and used marijuana to replace opioids. It helped tremendously because the opioids were given in such high quantities that I was constantly having thoughts of using them for suicide caused by my depression. Marijuana gives me pain relief and peace of mind.” - M.C. in Jacksonville, FL
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