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Florida Doctor Says Medical Cannabis is an 'Exit Drug'
Marijuana has a history of being criticized as a “gateway drug,” meaning it’s the first step on a path leading to more potent and addictive narcotics. Dr. Joseph Rosado, an Orlando internist and qualified medical marijuana physician, passionately disputes that claim, dismissing it as an orchestrated lie that has been perpetuated since the early 1900s to demonize cannabis.

If marijuana is a gateway to anything, he counters, it’s a life with less dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.
“For years, we've been lied to in believing that cannabis is a gateway drug when in reality it has proven to be an ‘exit drug,’ getting you away from all of these medications that cause greater harm than good,” says Dr. Rosado. “Cannabis is not addictive. There is no proof that it shows that it is physiologically addictive.  It is psychologically addictive, meaning the person believes that they need it and because they believed they needed it, they ended up using it. Contrary to heroin, alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, that every time you use them you need a higher dose to get the same effect; it doesn't work that way with cannabis.”
Dr. Rosado’s experiences with his patients can attest to his insistence that cannabis is an “exit drug.” 

One of Dr. Rosado’s patients suffered from several afflictions, including fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), migraine headaches and seizures. To get through a day the patient took a buffet of prescription medications, 42 to 58 pills, including addictive painkillers.

After the patient obtained a medical marijuana card from the state, Dr. Rosado “recommended” she begin following a cannabis-based regimen. Over months time her physical and mental health improved as she used fewer and fewer medications, and was down to three pills a day. 

Dr. Rosado says he’s seen similar results in hundreds of his medical marijuana patients, young and old from the 7-year-old with epilepsy to the 104-year-old with Parkinson’s. But such successes would be unlikely for anyone trying to self-medicate with street-level marijuana, he warns. 

“They should find one of the 2,300 physicians in the state of Florida who are certified to recommend medical cannabis, make an appointment with them and have a sit down face-to-face conversation, per state law. If their health situation qualifies, the physician will put them in the state medical marijuana registry and get them on the road to health.”

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How to Get Medical Marijuana in Florida
Only a qualified physician can recommend medical marijuana in Florida. However, a patient still must get a Medical Marijuana Use Registry Card to obtain the drug from an approved treatment center.
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“I have used marijuana for self care for pain management and to suppress childhood trauma,” E.P. from Navarre, FL.

“Had to hide from loved ones for 25 years until they caught up to my beliefs. Had to lie and feel ashamed, still do a little. Government held back information, if I had that information 25 years ago my life would be different.” M.L. from North York, ON.

“With a PTSD diagnosis and chronic pain, marijuana helps me get through it. It does not take all the pain away with smoking, yet I have tried some lotion that has. Missouri is slow at offering this right now and the legal cost of making it is too much. Interested in knowing more.” C.L from Kansas City, MO.

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