Couples to the Table !

Wednesday April 29th we had 20 couples from all over the East Coast on a Zoom call together talking about and learning from the Dr Weiss DVD Intimacy Anorexia. It was amazing! Folks from MS to GA to CT and NY. We did a similar night the last 3 weeks. Such a positive response each night and now everyone is excited for more! WOW so exciting!

It was an amazing night of discussion and having open and honest dialog between couples, some who had never met before. It was so encouraging! Many have asked to keep it going! When 50 men and women can be in the same "room" talking about the healing of the men, women & the marriage, it becomes a powerful thing. We will continue this meeting on a regular basis. Please stay tuned for more information as we continue to plan this out. Feel free to shoot us a text or email if you're interested. "Seating"' will be limited.
Thanks to all those who joined and made this such a special time!!

Next Couple's Zoom Event is Wednesday May 13 @ 8:30 PM

Come join a band of brothers in their quest for healing & exploration of their sexual brokenness in Annapolis, MD Oct. 30 - Nov 1!

Spiritual Revival and Sexual Purity
by EB

Do you want to see a spiritual awakening in our land? Do you want to see revival? Do you want to see lost souls coming to Christ? For most Christians, the answer to these basic questions are ‘duh, of course’. It would be odd to hear a Christian say ‘no, I don’t want to see the lost coming to know Christ
as Savior’, that is one of the primary roles that we Christians have been tasked with, to go into all the world and preach the Good News (Mark 16:15)........
Integrity Journey Canceled Due To COVID-19

Integrity Journey has made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the Sexual Integrity Conference that was scheduled July 16-18th in Colorado Springs, Colorado
due to the restrictions and continued spread of COVID-19.
As the Integrity Journey management team and staff have been meticulously reviewing updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and various authorities in Colorado, in the end, one need remained at the forefront of our hearts and minds:

the obligation to protect the health and safety of attendees.

New Women's Group
Contact Michele for more information

Conquer Group
at FBC and online
Tuesday's 7:00-9:00 pm

"Recovery Zone"
at FBC and online
Monday's 7:30-9:00 pm

Teens Group Night
at FBC and online
Monday's 6:00 - 7:30
at Faith Bible Church

Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat
October 30 - November 1, 2020
Limited Spots Available

Promise Keepers PK2020
July 31 - August 1, 2020
Dallas, Texas
Want to discuss disclosure? What is it, how does the process work? Why is it necessary, when is the best time to do it? Want answers to these questions and more, call Tom or Michele to set up a time. We can explain the process & help facilitate it.
Tom & Michele are certified Life & Recovery Coaches.
Join in reading the @YouVersion Bible App plan 'Exposing Seven Lies of Lust'.
Tom Weaver 443-752-2795 /
Certified Life & Recovery Coach
Michele Weaver 717-940-6812 /
Certified Life, Recovery & Health Coach
Faith Bible Church, Mechanicsville, MD
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