benefitsASSOCIUM Benefits - Conversion and Individual Benefit Plans
What happens to your benefits when you leave or retire from an organization?

When insurance carriers provide Employee Group Benefits to employers, a key element is in the word group . In order to provide affordable plans, insurers take advantage of economies of scale. Some employees, and their families, may claim less than the premiums their employer pays on their behalf while others claim more.

To help employees around the restrictions posed by individual plans when they leave their jobs, carriers offer what is termed Conversion Privileges. 

HRBill 47 is Coming
What are the changes and amendments?

Bill 47 repeals or changes certain amendments that were presented in Bill 148. The most significant recommended changes are to:
  • Minimum wage
  • Scheduling
  • Personal Emergency Leave
  • Employee Misclassification
  • Equal Pay for Assignment Employees
  • Public Holiday Pay
  • Labour Relations Act 
GAINReduce Your Records Storage Cost
Is your office over-spending on records management?

Business records are operational-and sometimes strategic-assets. They have economic, legal, fiscal, risk-management, and competitive values. Many organizations, however, lack effective policies and procedures for systematic control of their recorded information. As a result, they keep some records too long or for no reason and spend too much to store them. Secondly, they waste time looking for misplaced information or recreating lost information.  
Is your external storage cost getting out of control?

CBDCannabis Legalization
What it Means for Medical Patients

As of October 17, 2018, Canadians are legally able to access cannabis for recreational purposes - officially marking the end of a 95-year-old prohibition. So, what does this mean for medical patients? The introduction of a legal recreational market does not mean it will stand as a replacement for medical users, who have had access to medicinal cannabis since 2001.

PharmAsk the Pharmacist: Flu Vaccines
Why should people get vaccinated against the flu?

Influenza or the flu is a serious acute condition that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently. Even healthy people can get very sick from the flu and spread it to others. Since 2011, 25,329 hospitalizations and 1611 patient deaths were reported in Canada.

The annual flu vaccine (either the flu shot or the nasal spray vaccine) is the best way to reduce the chances of getting the flu and spreading it to others. When more people get vaccinated against the flu, less flu can spread through that community.
Understand the who, what, where, when and why of flu vaccines ->

PillarsPillars of the Community - I Heart Neighbourhood Charity Auction
by The Neighbourhood Group

Show some heart & join us at I Heart Neighbourhood 2019

Building on the success of last year's debut, the I Heart Neighbourhood Charity Auction will bring together friends, neighbours and supporters of a wide spectrum of caring and compassionate community organizations to celebrate the importance of neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood Group is delighted to lead this unique collaborative fundraising event in partnership with Bellwoods Centres for Community Living Inc., Business in the Streets, Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre and UrbanArts to raise much-needed funds to support vital programs and services. Attendees will enjoy an elegant evening mixing delicious fare and beverages with both a silent and live auction, live entertainment, and the opportunity to learn about the work of five local charities. Please join us to champion the crucial work of our participating charities.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 6:30 pm
Ryerson's Mattamy Athletic Centre - 50 Carlton Street, Toronto
Early Bird Tickets $100 (until March 31, 2019)
General Admission $125 (after March 31, 2019)

Contact Laina Gibson at 416-691-7407

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We're unique in the marketplace providing innovative and customized Advisor services: Managing General Agent , Third Party Administrator, Claims Adjudication, Specialty Drug Management / Preferred Pharmacy Network and Human Resources Consulting.

ASSOCIUM Benefits 

Our employee group benefits division, being in business since 1997, gives us the experience to provide customized alternative plans and reduce administrative costs for our clients, while quoting sustainable rates at start up - and at renewal.  

Our procurement services division launched in 1996 as an added source of assistance to the not-for-profit sector ( GAIN). Recently this service has been expanded to include private small business under the Advantage banner. Our goal is to help your organization access preferred pricing for products and services as well as resolve any purchasing issues you may encounter.
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