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We are always careful to make sure we are staying the course. The waters we tread are unpredictable and while zero visibility is sometimes the case our purpose is not. So we reconvene and dialogue and gird our loins for the work ahead.  

Strategizing, prioritizing, budgeting and on and on; that's how our board spends their Saturday off from their regular work day, an 8 hour board retreat. Our board is a passionate group of individuals. Together they are ensuring the success of our participants, the sustainability of our programs and the stewardship of your investments. For Suraya, Darrius, Jason, Jayde, Derrick and countless others, our board works relentlessly to sustain an innovative, highly effective, enga
ging resource center and environment that allows for participant potential to thrive. These folks here are the brains and heart behind all the futures that have been transformed and the futures yet to be touched. With a joint conviction that this work is both urgent and vital to the progress of our society, they are more galvanized than ever before and ready for the battles and long road ahead.

Thank you Wells Fargo team member Jorge Guiterrez and everyone at Wells Fargo for a being a faithful partner year after year. The work you are doing to ensure the success of ReWritten and its programs is an encouragement and source of strength.  Thank you! 

The work of ReWritten does not happen alone. The good ReWritten sets out to accomplish depends on a wide range of support. The generous investments of you, the donor, are the foundation on which ReWritten is able to thrive.  Our mission is nothing short of enriching the community and watching lives transform and you agree. A BIG thank you to those individuals, groups and organizations that have made the first half of 2017 a great success. None of what ReWritten sets out to do would be possible without your generosity. 

David and Deanna Cabrera + Eric and Cassandra Chrismen + Ryan and Kallaya Collins
Richard and Teresa De La Rosa + Leo and Elizabeth Delgado + Nate and Laura Eaton
Adan and Erica Espino + Maria Estrada + Anna Harris + Henry and Sharon Hoss
Robert and Theresa Ingram + Rob and Stacy LaPointe + Joshua and Alma Marak
Jason & Desiree McAlpine + Alyson Miller + Amparo Perez + Evelyn Ponce 
Steve Saucedo +  Andrew and Kelsi Scott + Forrest and Heather Short + Jason Taylor 
Clay and Tami von Helf +  Daven and Erica Wellman + Jacqueline Bryson + Rod Emery 
Kevin and Joanna Foley +  John and Teresa Lewis + Matt and Angie McClenahan 
Sheri Rojo + Brenda Starkins +  Donald Winstead + Jeremy and Sarah Livermore 
Bernardo and Francine Sandoval + Sylvia Villanueva + Martha Cardenas 
Carlos and Carolina Perez + Jesse + Christina Guzman + Michelle K. Morgan
Liz Gomez Cardenas + Gregg and Dede Marak + John and Brenda Fiorito + Gina Lugo
Caleb Noordmans +  Rosemary Hernandez + Daniel Hoss + Cosette Bonilla Gaytan 
Kesha Willliams + Art and Erica Perez +  Corine Ramirez + George and Debra Gradias 
Tim and Tamara Jones + Frank and Vanessa Perez

And, another BIG thank you to all those organizations and businesses that have joined our efforts in 2017!
Emmaus Church + Los Compadres + Restoration Counseling 
Miller, O.D. Optometry + AC Pro + God's Kids + Bank of America 
Impact Giving + LPA Inc. + Medtronic + Wells Fargo
Amazon Smile Foundation + National Christian Foundation + Wells Fargo Foundation
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