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October 18, 2021
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Convention 2021: Let Us Worship Together
Beloved Community: Sharing Survey Results
Migrants and Refugees: Celebrating our Part in CCME

O God, you share your heart and mind with your people,
you give direction and purpose to those who seek you.

Give ear to our prayer and guide us into the future
so that we may glorify you and be a blessing
to the nations to which you have called us.
A Collect for a Year of Listening
The 2020 Committee to Respond to the Bishop's Address
Pray with us in the 2021 Convocation Cycle of Prayer   available here
Convention 2021: In Nice (FR) Next Week
Listening in Prayer, Responding in Faith:
God's Call in Mission and the Episcopal Church in Europe

Some of us are now making our journey to Holy Trinity Church and the Forum Jorge François in Nice for our in-person gathering, while others of us are tidying up our desks and praying for strong internet connections among our virtual cohort. Together by God's grace and with patience, we will make one unprecedented and amazing hybrid meeting!

The session structure of this year's Convention is necessarily a bit different from years past. The full agenda is available from our website,
Congregational Delegates, Alternates, Licensed Clergy, Resident Clergy, Officers of the Convocation, and Ministry Initiative Leaders—both in-person and remote—will participate in the Convention's work through an event platform called Whova.

If you have questions about your Convention access point, please contact Maleah Rios, Coordinator for Digital Ministries, directly via email at now.
A Call to Worship

For anyone interested in attending, from across the Convocation and the globe, Digital Ministries and the Convention Planning Committee cordially invite you to access and participate virtually in every open session next week.

Humble thanks to all those who caught our copy-and-paste errors. Below, please find the corrected dates and times.

We also now have available the Liturgies Booklet for those who wish to view the bulletin simultaneously with the livestream.

  • Opening Eucharist, Thursday October 21st from 5-6:30pm
  • Celebrant: The Rev. Peter Jackson, Chaplain of Holy Trinity Church, Nice
  • Preacher: The Most Rev. Ian Ernest, Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome
  • Location: Holy Trinity Church

  • Morning Prayer with the Bishop's Address, Friday October 22nd from 9-10am
  • Presider: The Rt. Rev. Mark D.W. Edington, Bishop of the Convocation
  • Location: Forum Jorge François

  • Keynote Address, Friday October 22nd from 12-12:30pm
  • Speaker: The Most Rev. Ian Ernest, Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome
  • Location: Forum Jorge François

  • Evening Prayer with Presentation of Awards, Friday October 22nd from 6-7pm
  • Officiant: The Rev. Peter Jackson, Chaplain of Holy Trinity Church, Nice
  • Preacher: The Very Rev. Lucinda Laird, Dean of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Paris
  • Location: Holy Trinity Church

  • Morning Prayer with Homily, Saturday October 23rd from 9-10am
  • Officiant: The Rev. Mark Barwick, Chaplain of St. Alban's, Strasbourg
  • Preacher: The Rev. Christopher Easthill, Rector of St. Augustine of Canterbury, Wiesbaden
  • Location: Holy Trinity Church

All public sessions can be found in the Convention 2021 Playlist on our YouTube Channel. Click the button link below to view every available session live or its recording. Subscribe to our channel for future notifications whenever we begin a live-stream!
Becoming Beloved Community: Survey Sharing
On Saturday, 16 October, leaders of the Taskforce and continuing Ministry Initiative presented the results of last year's Convocation-wide survey to delegates, officers, and guests of Convention.

This important informational session is available to the whole Convocation via our YouTube channel. Convention delegates may also access this recording via the session page in their Whova agenda.

We are truly grateful for the time and honesty of our ongoing Ministry Initiative leaders, and for all those who participated in the live question-and-answer session. Our apologies to those who were unable to access the livestream from the link we sent out in the past newsletter; that link is now corrected below!
Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe
About CCME

Founded in 1964, CCME is an ecumenical organisation that serves the churches in their commitment to promote the vision of an inclusive community through advocating for an adequate policy for migrants, refugees and minority groups at European and national level. CCME provides a space for churches and Christian agencies to share their experiences in the ministry among migrants, refugees, and minority ethnic persons.

Our Membership in CCME

The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe is proud to announce that we have been unanimously accepted as a member of CCME.

Our membership in the Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe will deepen our engagement and resources in support of migrants and refugees both at parish and European level. The Convocation’s Task Force saw four major benefits to CCME membership for the future work of congregations and the ongoing Ministry Initiative:
●    Support our advocacy on migration, refugees and anti-racism at European and national level
●    Provide contacts and networking for the Convocation and its parishes to find relevant European, national and local ecumenical and church partners for charitable outreach and for actions
●    Provide contacts, resources and best practices for the Convocation to improve future charitable outreach and actions (such as the Convocation’s 2020 Moria fire statement)
●    Provide contacts, resources and best practices for the Convocation to improve their witness, welcome and partnership with migrant-led and anti-racism initiatives within European churches
The Convocation of
Episcopal Churches in Europe
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...and it shall be that they shall bring to thee every great matter, and that they shall judge every small matter, and they shall lighten the task on thee, and they shall bear it with thee.

If thou do this thing, and God command thee so, thou wilt be able to endure, and all this people shall also go to their place in peace.

- Exodus 18:22b-23
John Nelson Darby Translation, 1890