Regional Citizens Advisory Council

Representing citizens in promoting environmentally safe marine transportation and oil facility operations in Cook Inlet since 1990.
Field Work Resumes
We are pleased to have resumed field activities this summer after being unable to do so over the past two years due to COVID travel restrictions.

First on the list is updating coastal imagery and habitat information along the outer Kenai Peninsula. This area was originally surveyed in 2002 and was one of the earliest ShoreZone surveys in Alaska. We were anxious to update this area using improved imaging technology that has been used for other, more recent surveys

Photo: Aerial image from June 2022 Alaska ShoreZone survey along outer Kenai Peninsula Coast.)
HB 567 Turns 30
It’s almost hard to believe it’s been more than 30 years since the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Perhaps one reason is that measures put in place following that historic incident have prevented another like it over the past three decades. The lessons we learned then can still be applied today - at both the federal and state level, legislatures, the industry, and the public came together to establish laws protecting sensitive resources from another spill. One of those, Alaska House Bill 567 celebrated its 30th anniversary on June 25th.

(Photo: Gov. Steve Cowper signs HB 567. Credit: David Rogers)
CIRCAC earns USCG Recertification
Each year, CIRCAC is required to apply for recertification from the United States Coast Guard. The purpose of the recertification process is to ensure that through our operations and partnerships, we are successful in meeting the mandates of our guiding legislation in OPA 90. Earning this recognition is our highest priority in maintaining the public’s trust and we are proud to announce the Coast Guard has issued our recertification for the 31st consecutive year.

Annual Report available
CIRCAC’s 2021 annual report is available to view on our website. The report details the organizations accomplishments over the past year, operational highlights and staff changes.
September Board Meeting Announcement

The CIRCAC Board of Directors will meet on September 9th in Seldovia. Meeting details will be available on our website and are location and format are subject to change pending changes in ongoing public health concerns.
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