By Jeremy Raglin, Contributing Editor

Are you offering cookies in your micro market or vending machines?

If so, you’re making a smart choice. Thanks to recent data from , we know that cookie sales grew by an astounding 147% during the COVID-19 crisis.

This statistic makes sense because of the simple fact that during trying times, many people will reach for their favorite comfort foods and cookies remain a universal favorite comfort food to many people around the world.

About Cookie Demand During COVID-19

Now that most states are reopening, we can thankfully look back on COVID-19 and study its effects around the world, especially its effect on the snack food industry.

One of the interesting things about the data from is that we know in March, cookie sales in the United States increased by roughly 20% This is huge news because cookies have always been a staple of the American diet but, there’s never been that much demand for cookies until now.

Back in the early days of COVID-19, it stands to reason why people were reaching for cookies regularly because, as many restaurants were closing down across the United States vending machines remained open as well as micro–markets and most supermarkets.