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Just imagine savoring your first bite of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie! Now, think of never experiencing the simple joys of smelling, baking, and eating cookies.

The foster parent shared the story about how her 10 -year- old foster child wanting to bake cookies because her friend had brought in cookies as a birthday treat to school that she and her mom had made.

"I thought you only could get cookies in a package, did you ever make cookies?" the little girl asked.

The foster parent said, "Yes, would you like to?"

"Yes!" the little girl squealed in excitement.

The foster mom laughed and pulled down a battered cookbook off the shelf, then began paging through it for her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Together they arranged the ingredients on the counter next to a big bowl.

"Why don't you start by measuring the flour in this cup and putting it into the bowl, and I'll start leveling the butter and sugar." She turned away and realized that it had gotten very quiet all of a sudden.

When the foster mom turned around, she wasn't prepared for what she saw. The little girl already had her hands in the bowl of flour, and began tossing it into the air and rubbing it between her hands. The kitchen looked like a piled cloud, filled with love.

That 10 year old little girl had the biggest smile on her face!

The mom just couldn't stop the joys of tears rolling down her cheeks, as she captured, in her memory the little girl's very first time baking.

During this time we are still getting referrals for children who need foster homes, you can help by being an advocate for foster care just by talking with people and referring them to us! Tell a friend, family member or co-worker and if you want to be adventurous…share with your  Facebook  friends more info can be found on our website.

Foster Care/Adoption Info Sessions are now being offered via Facebook Live on our  Facebook   page watch for upcoming dates!

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On April 1, 2019, when the alarm bell rang, Trevor and Shania, couldn't roll over to hit the snooze button. The school was back in session. Equipped with a Google Chromebook and encrypted software, The Children's Home of Reading Schools were back in operation.
Suzanne Shilling-Askew, the Executive Director said, "While many schools are closed indefinitely throughout the country, The Children’s Home of Reading was prepared to continue to provide the educational services remotely to the residential children and those students throughout Berks County who attend the CHOR Day Academy. It took us a few weeks to implement but the students will get the consistency and support of our dedicated teachers and staff and bring some normalcy to their day. It was critical to minimize the behavioral and educational impacts on the children during these unprecedented time." 
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Ways you can help us continue serving our children & families:
  • Washable cotton bandanas are needed for staff and children in our programs
  • Donate Gift Cards(Visa, Mastercard, Target or Walmart) for use for extra activity supplies and special delivery lunches or treats.

Call to arrange delivery 610-478-8266 ext. 1249 or ext. 427

Since we can't see you in person, learn more through our VIRTUAL TOUR
W e invites you and your family to a virtual tour to learn more about the programs and staff, who work relentlessly to fulfill our mission of " Caring for children and families in crisis and preparing them for success in life " especially during this time.
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