Hi Everyone,

I know these are some very interesting times right now and I hope that you, your family and colleagues are all healthy and safe! As we dive into another week of the “new normal”, I’m sure we have all settled into WFH life. I won’t bore you with WFH “tips and tricks”, instead I thought I would briefly discuss another important topic: FOOD! Some of you know, but for the ones who don’t, I enjoy cooking. While I am not Emeril Lagasse or Gordon Ramsey, I can hold my own in the kitchen, or on the grill. If you are like me lately, you are growing tired of the same meals and need new ideas. I was recently given a new recipe (shout out to Whitney!) so I thought I would share a few of the recipes my wife and I have tried recently:

Now that we got the important stuff out of the way, here are a few tile collections/tips to consider:

New Featured Collections: we have a great spring/summer offering! Let’s focus on two that I think pair very well together:
Gleam: 4x12 size ceramic collection with plain field tile and accent tile that takes an oblong form and emphasizes it with a glossy finish. The color variation in the oblong form w/glossy finish will create a nice movement across a wall or space. You can play with the orientation and create unique designs by combining the two tiles or going with just one.
Organic Concrete: Aged and weathered concrete porcelain that still offers that sophisticated urban industrial chic look. What truly separates this collection from all others is the organic patterns that offer two scales: one is small and minimal, the other “zoomed” is large, bold and looks like the original pattern was zoomed in under a microscope. Ranges of sizes are 12”x24” to 48”x102” gauged porcelain panels.

5 Ways to Spec Smart, this particular blog focuses on how a good tile specification lays the foundation/ground work for a successful installation. This and many others written by Ken Ahn our QA & Tech Lead are packed with great info and are quick reads.

Design Services: We have amazing in-house designers who are here to assist with mood board sourcing, tile pattern layouts in AutoCAD or Revit, etc.

Until next time, all the best

Tile King 👑  

P.S. If you want to share any recipes with me, please do so!
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