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 1990 Kinoole Street, Hilo Hawaii
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6:30 AM to Noon Every Saturday
 "Rain or Shine"
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Kino'ole Farmers Market
Aug. 18, 2012

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Kinoole Farmers Market
For questions or assistance while your 
at the market, find "Rusty" Delan Perry the Kinoole Farmers Market Manager.
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Find the market manager on Saturday's or send us an email.


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Featured Recipe...

Stir-Fried Long Beans
1 pound  Long Beans, washed & trimmed to 3" lengths 
1 tablespoon cooking oil 
2 teaspoons minced garlic 
1/4 cup water 
1 tablespoon oyster sauce 
1 teaspoon soy sauce

Heat up your wok, add oil. When shimmering, add minced garlic. Fry just for a few seconds until fragrant. You want to make sure that you 

don't wait too long before adding the garlic to the oil, otherwise the oil will be too hot and the garlic will burn.

Add your long beans, fry in wok for 30 seconds, tossing the garlicky oil 

all over the beans.


Add water, oyster sauce and soy sauce. Cover the wok. Let the beans steam for 5 minutes on medium heat. Check to see if beans are almost tender, but not too soft. If not,

re-cover and steam an additional 1 minute. Uncover, let the rest of the liquid evaporate, about an additional minute.



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Use local Grass Finished Beef for all your recipes.

Pancake Bites...Easy!
Just cuz their cute!



Garden & Yard tips...Click for details...


How to build your own water barrels.





This Saturday we continue to celebrate KFM's 6th Anniversary Month. As in past years, we are taking the whole month of August to share with you our appreciation for your  participating in our Farmers Market.  We will be having weekly cooking demos on the 2nd3rd, and 4th markets in August. Watch for specifics...Sonia Martinez is joining us this week!



Enter to win this week!! ALL of our vendors are making gift certificates and product prizes available. That means be sure to enter for our drawings as we will have 19 to 20 winners each week!!  


Make sure you fill out one entry form and leave it at the EBT tent . Winners will be notified by email or phone after each market. Just a small token of our appreciation to all that make our market work.



Special Events


At 8AM ~ Sonia Martinez


Sonia has made many wonderful presentations at the Market in the past. This week she would like to showcase the Breadfruit or Ulu.  Breadfruit Festival


Breadfruit is so versatile that it can be used for making anything... from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. She will demonstrate how to make a breadfruit and apple banana molded 'custard'. This is a great opportunity to learn some  simple, imaginative ways to use this versatile local fruit.


Don't forget the Breadfruit Festivalis Sept. 29, 2012 in Captain Cook, Hawaii


Connect with Sonia R. Martinez. Cookbook author and freelance food writer by following her Hawai'i food and gardening adventures at her website http://www.soniatasteshawaii.com


Also my Gather.com pages http://foodiesleuth.gather.com
My Tropical Taste monthly columns in the Hamakua Times

Farmers Market Correspondent for http://www.hawaiihomegrown.net




9 am ~ Chi Gong

At 9 AM we will have another presentation on the art of Chi Gong or Qi Gong, a Chinese Chi gong exercise meditation. Tai Chi is evolved from Chi Gong. Chi Gong means, literally, "Breath Work". Myrtle Miyamura and instructor Jonathan learned this art in China and will be sharing. Regular & new participants welcome!




Vendor Specials 
Cyrus Farms

Cyrus's Farm is featuring 

his Ono purple and orange sweet potatoes this week! 





Pea shoots





Sun's microgreens 

Similar to bean sprouts these pea shoots are grown in soil and are juicy and crunchy and have a sweet pea flavor. These greens can be eaten raw or thrown into your favorite stir fry or soup recipe. Sun will also have a tofu salad recipe on hand for those who need a way to use their pea shoots.has a new product: pea shoots! 


Patty's Makea Nursery is featuring her new crop of Charwil Avocados. 
Their an excellent avocado that is the most popular export variety. Creamy!!

 Ivane's Big Island Taro Chips and Farm Special  is Gingerbread cookies & decorated sugar cookiesFrozen Pork or Chicken
 Lau Lau for your last minute meal decisions and with fresh Poi too
Jenny's Kapoho Grown  will have  her 
new crop of Malama avocados and her super fresh n sweet Longan. This week nly, Water Apples: a beautiful, tangy
Kinoole farmers market
 seedless tropical fruit. (Sorry for not having them available last week)
 And, of course look for her sweet Sunred and Rainbow papayasand a good selection of Orchids, many at the super price of 3 for $10.   

Carlos's Tadeo Farm will have a new crop special on his fresh long eggplant and crispy Long beans...Both are economically priced at $1.50 a bunch or 2 for $2.50 
Maple scones
"This week Miriam's Old Hawaii Bakery will be celebrating the amazing "Wheat Berry". Made of the entire Wheat kernel, they add texture and nutrition to baked goods. Come see how they use them, in their Wheat-Barley Bread and Maple-Walnut Scones"
Troy's Novelty Greens is featuring 
his beautiful  hybrid Hibiscus in assorted varieties....




Soontarees Sign
Soontaree's Deli is featuring her Vegetarian Summer rolls, made with Avocado, sprouts, carrots and


Soontarees summer rolls

Neal's Pacific Paradise sugests you expand your summer garden with his vegetable starts at $1 each or 4 for $3.00 ...Click below for gardening resources and How to grow your own food!

Don't forget to stop by and see all the vendors...They always have something fun and interesting!
 Mahalo from the Kinoole Farmers Market Ohana....

There is beauty everywhere in agriculture...
Terraced rice paddies in China...