Cook's Youth Ministry exists to develop a new generation of disciples, teaching them to love, worship, and grow in service to others.
Included in this email:
  • Fall Parent Huddle (Please Be There!)
  • Youth Fundraiser Dates
  • New* Youth Leadership Team Info
  • Teen Parenting Resource
  • Other Upcoming Dates
Wednesday, August 15 at 6:30pm, we will have our first "Parent Huddle" of the new school year. We ask that all parents of current youth attend. We will use this time to look ahead at the coming semester, pray over our youth, and share thoughts and ideas.
We have two major fundraisers this fall and we need all youth families to chip in to help these achieve success. We will share more info at the Parent Huddle on August 15, but please mark your calendars for Sept. 21-22 & Nov. 30 - Dec. 1. Thank you!
Sunday, August 26 at Noon, we will have our first Youth Leadership Team meeting of the school year. We want all youth interested in being a part of the team to attend. We will have lunch together at the church and we ask that each youth chip in $5 for lunch this month. Thank you!
This month's resource is an article that isn't specifically directed at parents but for all mature Christians. I believe, however, that this is important for all parents and leaders, including myself, to be reminded of as we set an example for generations to follow. Read " The Most Damaging Attitude in Our Churches " from Relevant Magazine.
Other Upcoming Dates
  • August 1 | CYM MidWeek
  • August 5 | CYM Groups following 5:30 Worship Service
  • August 7 | First Priority
  • August 8 | CYM MidWeek
  • August 12 | CYM Groups following 5:30 Worship Service
  • August 14 | First Priority
  • August 15 | Fall Parent Huddle
  • August 19 | CYM Groups following 5:30 Worship Service
  • August 21 | First Priority
  • August 22 | CYM MidWeek
  • August 26 | Youth Leadership Team Meeting
  • August 26 | CYM Groups following 5:30 Worship Service
  • August 28 | First Priority
  • August 29 | CYM MidWeek