OCTOBER 13, 2021
Fellow Air Cooled Porsche Enthusiast...

Winter is knocking on the door here on the Eastern Slope of the Cascades. After a very active fire season I think most of us living here are glad to see it. Much respect and many thanks to our fire fighters, true hero's.

Things are busy in my little corner of the air cooled Porsche world. We're coming up on our Second Anniversary and it's been a great ride so far thanks to your support and encouragement. It's great to have something positive to work on as we are all surrounded with so many challenges. And isn't it fun to have an interest in air cooled Porsches?

One of the things I most enjoy in running Audette Collection is the discovery of cool new products, and I've got one to tell you about in this message: Mini-Blade Fuse Panels with LED Indicators. I've had one of our AC Beta Testers thoroughly test one and write up a detailed report. You will find links below.

And with winter almost upon us with its shorter and darker days, this is a busy time of the year with out LED Headlights.

Gears low, Rev's high!


Adapt Motor Sports Mini-Blade Panels with LED Indicators

An up and coming company that we're excited to partner with, Australia based Adapt Motor Sports, has introduced a new fuse panel with new and convenient innovations (some that I especially appreciate with my aging eyes). First of all, the panels use modern mini-blade fuses which are more convenient and much easier to find than the old fuses we're all used to. They can be purchased at just about every FLAPS.

Next, the LED indicators tell you the status of each fuse, no more squinting to see which one might be burned out.The switchable on board diagnostics enable you to quickly diagnose electrical faults:

  • Red LED for fuse blown
  • Green LED for output live
  • Green LED when fuse removed, and back-feed is present

Another plus is the price. The Australian dollar is discounted from the U.S. dollar by about 25%, a welcome change from the weak dollar against the Euro (I buy a lot of products from Germany and Italy).

The only negative that I see is that at this time they only make panels for the G-Series cars, 1974-1989.

Here's a brief summary of what our AC Beta Tester had to say:

The Adapt panel is superior to the competition in every way - the fact that it is substantially less expensive just makes it a complete no-brainer. I am very pleased as a buyer and will recommend this to my friends without reservation. That’s unusual for me, usually I can find something to improve…

F-Series (1969-1973) and G-Series (1974-1989) Restored Taillights

A while back we restored a few sets of taillights for the air cooled cars and they proved to be very popular and sold out quickly. Since then we have taken on a number of core restoration projects and we are currently working on 11 sets. However, many folks don't have cores suitable for restoration so we went out and accumulated a large number of excellent cores.

So we stand by ready to restore your cores or to provide the cores for you. In either case the restoration process is, as always, to an original and concours level using genuine Porsche housings and our Best-in-Class® lenses and gaskets from Italy based EuroLens.

Also, as a reseller of the outstanding Netherlands based Kroon Wiring Harnesses, we can provide the lamps with factory OEM wiring harnesses if desired. Take a look:

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Hi John....

The lights look great! Thank you!