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Saturday Market Magic
As we prepare for our seventeenth rain-free Saturday of the season our hearts are bursting with gratitude. And did somebody say temps in the seventies tomorrow?! Join us for what promises to be a stellar day in the circle. Cool temps, sunny skies, and a BOUNTY of fresh picked, just baked and hand crafted deliciousness!
Hey folks, there are only 2 more Saturdays in August to enter to win $50 in market tokens in our monthly drawing! Visit the INFO tent for your FREE Local Loyalty Shopping List pad. It's easy, just check off the places you shopped and enter to win. And don't forget to vote for your favorite vendor of the week!
Vendor of the Week August 10th - Valley Milkhouse
Vendor of the Week August 17th - Pheasant Hill Farm & PorTch Tea
Rigatoni with
Eggplant Puree
From the Smitten Kitchen
Many of our shoppers have been requesting recipes for eggplant. This one's a winner (and easy too). With roasted eggplant, cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil, it celebrates all the flavors of summer. Roast and then puree - easy peasy!

Cabbage Throw Farm
Cukes Galore & Quick Pickles!
This week at Cabbage Throw Farm, a bumper crop of cucumbers has been harvested and enjoyed by all. Both slicing and pickling cucumbers will be available to enjoy fresh or pickled. Also from the farm, plenty of heirloom tomatoes, basil, romaine and head lettuce, spring mix, arugula and more. 

Scared of canning or don’t have the time? Try this quick pickle recipe to pair with a burger from Breakaway Farms, served with a BLT, or just for a crisp summer snack!

Quick Pickle Recipe:
~for a 16oz jar~
3 small cucumbers sliced
2 garlic cloves sliced
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon peppercorns
1/2 cup vinegar
1 cup water
Optional: fresh dill 
-Slice cucumbers and stuff into a jar with garlic, Spices and sugar. 
-Pour vinegar 1/3 of the jar and cover the remainder with water. 
-Refrigerate for 24 hours or overnight
Phillips Farms
Award Winning Heirlooms!
Phillips Farm took last week's Heirloom Tomato Tasting by storm! Their Black Velvet and Cherokee Purple heirlooms tied for first place after close to a hundred people sampled their way through a colorful array of summer tomatoes. Visit the Phillips Farm tent tomorrow and grab some of these prized heirlooms!

You'll also find plums, peaches, and those AMAZING white Nectarines. Plus Seedless Watermelon, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Cantaloupe (regular and the super-sweet Sugar Cubes), apples, and berries.

Scholl Orchards
Peaches, Plums & Plouts!

Yellow and white freestone peaches and nectarines are plump and plentiful. Look for a plethora of plums and Pluots too. Check out these great plum recipes in Cooking Light!

And don't miss the super sweet cantaloupe and watermelon. It's worth lugging it around the market! their first appearance this week. Tomatoes are continuing to pur in this week. Look for Beefsteaks, Cherry tomatoes and and grape tomatoes, plus plum tomatoes available in bulk prices for canning. And be sure to try Scholl's NEW tomato spread!

Zestar, Honeycrisp and Ginger Gold apples arrived last week - be sure to stock up for School lunches! Speaking of school, it's Lala's last day at the market - stop by and wish her well as she heads off to college!
Salvaterra's Gardens
Freeze Peppers for Winter
Stock up on greens for a week of fresh healthy summer salads. With tomatoes in their prime, now is the time! Choose from lettuce mix, arugula, and head lettuce. Or if you prefer you greens cooked, there will be plenty of kale and collards. Salvaterra's has parsley, dill, and cilantro spicing up your favorite dishes. Plus plenty of potatoes, onions, and scallions, for grilling. Peppers and eggplant are bountiful this week, along with zucchini cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Did you know that peppers are one of the easiest and most flavorful items to freeze for the winter? Chop off the stem, pull out the seeds, throw them in a bag and put them in the freezer. No blanching and ice baths required! They add lovely color and flavor to a multitude of hearty winter dishes like chili, stuffed peppers, stews, stir fries and more.

And yes spaghetti and butternut squashes have arrived. That must mean Fall is on the horizon...

Backyard Growers
Hello Okra!
We've bumped The Backyard Growers into the produce category this week because they've got an impressive selection of veggies. Choose from eggplant, cucumbers, several cherry tomato varieties, okra, the first fingerling potatoes,some hot peppers and Ed's "unknown" apples. Limited quantities, so come early! And be sure to check out their selection of house plants and perennials too!

Holy Cow Farm
Custom Arrangements
Do you have any special celebrations coming up? Back to school? A birthday? An end of summer get-together? A custom arranged bouquet of farm fresh flowers from Holy Cow Farm is the perfect gift for any occasion. Or why not treat yourself? You deserve it! Stop by and see what they've got this Saturday. 
Peace Tree Farm

After an almost two month summer hiatus, we're excited to welcome Peace Tree Farm back to the market for the Fall season. Stop by and see what's growing!
Aladdin Middle Easter Restaurant
You Asked for It!
Sam was floored by the overwhelming Instagram response to her "Spread Hummus not Hate" tee-shirt. Hundred of folks requested that she make this tee available for sale, and she listened! Aladdin will be offering the tees this Saturday for $15 each. Get 'em while you can!
Tomblers Bakery
Chicken Corn Pasties
Sweet corn is at its peak for the season and Tomblers has more yummy Chicken Corn Pasties for your lunch or dinner. Nine other varieties to choose from also. A good time to stock up for guick meals for the beginning of the school year. 
Peach pies still available, pierogies, shoo fly pies and much more! 
Doughnut Love
Vegan Specialties
EFM shoppers can't get enough of Doughnut Love's scrumptious Peaches 'n' Cream Special, both regular and GF + Vegan!

Other doughnuts on the menu this week include
Vegan Lemon Drop and Cookies & Cream, plus Susan's signature doughnut cookies!
Breakaway Farms
Brown Bag Lunches
It’s time to think about school lunches & snacks!! Team Breakaway has healthy, clean meats for you to take on the go. 

Deli Meats, Beef Sticks, & Jerky are perfect for this season of school, sports, & busy schedules!

Stop by the market this week & stock up on the peace of mind that health can coincide with busyness! 
Raspberry Ridge Sheep Creamery
This week Raspberry Ridge is featuring its sheep's milk hard and soft cheeses and yogurt.  

Make a quick Raspberry Frozen Yogurt:

1 lb pitted sour cherries
¾ cup sugar
1 ½ cup sheep’s milk yogurt
½ tsp vanilla extract
Dash salt

1.   Place fruit and sugar in pan and bring to boil
2.   Lower heat and simmer 5-7 minutes
3.   Puree fruit and liquid in blender with yogurt
4.   Stir in vanilla and salt
5.   Chill at least 2 hours or churn in ice cream maker


Valley Milkhouse
Vendor of the Week - August 10th
Niko is back at Valley Milkhouse this Saturday. This Brie style cheese is made a with sheep and cow’s milk blend and has sweet, floral and nutty flavors. Its paste is silky and luscious, perfectly smearable onto a crusty sourdough loaf from Apple Ridge and a few slices of peaches for a perfect summer picnic lunch. 

VMH will also have Motherwort, the beloved beer curd cheese made with a porter from Hidden River Brewing. Melt it into a panini with Breakaway ham or bacon for a hearty meal, or dust it with celery salt and nibble on cubes of it alongside your favorite pint of brown or amber ale. 

Also available will be Thistle in its long aged version, or as we call it, “Petite Tonme” with loads of savory, earthy and mushroomy aromas. See you in the circle! 
Tolino Vineyards
Top Five

Stop by Tolino Vineyards and sample one of their top 5!
Lilly, 050, Papa's Red, Mama's Rose and Sunnyside are their most popular varieties.
Fieldstone Coffee Roasters
New Single Origin!
New Crop this week! Organic Single Origin Fair Trade Guatemala. Available by the bag for you to take home or by the cup during your morning shopping. No grinder at home? No problem, Fieldstone will freshly grind your beans specifically as to how your brew it right at the market! Check out their loose leaf teas- Maybe Pumpkin Chai is there...?

On Tap: House Nitro Coffee pints, Aloha Nitro Tea Pints, Coconut Growler Fills (Concentrate), House Growler Fills (Concentrate)
Bubble Tea: Coconut with Brown Sugar Boba- Add a shot of Cold Brew to make it “Dirty"
Artist on Call: Ian Schwartz
Make-and-Take Stencils & Stamps

Ian Schwartz composes abstract landscapes using patterns and textures of everyday materials. Re imagining the shapes of these found objects, visitors can create their own work of art using a wide variety of tools combined with washable paints and color pencils on watercolor paper - all for FREE! 100% sponsored by ACE your community arts family. 

The Crayon Man
with Natascha Biebow
Hosted by Book & Puppet Co.
Enter a world of color and Easton PA history with picture book author Natascha Biebow and her book "The Crayon Man: The True Story of the Invention of Crayola Crayons".
From 9:30 am - 11am Natascha will be at the Market to read and sign copies of "The Crayon Man" and have coloring activities for kids and kids at heart.

At 1pm, join Natascha at the soft opening of the NEW Book & Puppet Co. at 22 Center Square for another reading of "Crayon Man" and more coloring fun!
Colony Meadery

The Local Libations Tent will be buzzing this Saturday with Colony Meadery. Stop by and sample their latest and greatest including:
  • Rose' the Riveter
  • Limey the Ginger - moscow Mule mead 
  • Mini Mead- traditional session mead
  • Grapefruit League- tastes like summertime
  • Birch Mead- like Birch beer, but better.
Be Love Succulents
Rhonda will be displaying some larger sized succulent this week, and featuring some interesting new containers!

Erin Kelly
This week EFM welcomes back singer, songwriter Erin Kelly whose roots are in country music. Hailing from Allentown, Erin's skilled guitar playing and powerhouse vocals instantly take most people by surprise as her unique voice and consistent pitch results in powerful live performances. Besides performing on stage, she currently works with Musicians on Call in Philadelphia, a volunteer program that brings music to the bedsides of patients in health care facilities. Erin will perform in the Music Tent from 10 am to 12 noon. So grab a chair on the North Lawn of the Circle and get ready for some great music!
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