April 2021
Please make note of our new address: 901 7th Avenue South •Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Successful Project ... Successful Growth

JAX Refrigeration has recently completed a design build project for a 285,000 SF ammonia cold storage facility in Savannah, GA. The project included (1) +40F Dock, (1) +38F Boxing Room, (1) +38F Boxed Supplies Room, (3) -10F Freezers, and (1) -20F Blast Freezer. Drawing on our unique, full-service approach, JAX provided the complete refrigeration design, as well as the full installation. This project was completed exclusively with Frick equipment and Danfoss block valves. 

This project was successfully completed in 2021.
Cyaira Tyler
Project Manager,
JAX Refrigeration
Cyaira Tyler first entered the JAX Refrigeration world in 2010 as an administrative assistant, while still in high school. Showing great interest in the construction industry she has worn many hats over the years. Though she left the company for some time to explore other career options, she ultimately returned to a place that felt like home under the tutelage and mentorship of Mark Lowery, president of JAX Refrigeration. Cyaira has excelled in various positions from billing, procurement, project coordinator and recently Project Manager for the Refrigeration department. Her first project in the PM role, remains her favorite. Based in Nassau, Bahamas, the ammonia retrofit project was a dream job. The smooth start-to-finish experience was compounded by the natural beauty that surrounded her.

Though she travels quite a bit these days to oversee many projects, she remains enrolled in college studying to gain her Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology. Busy indeed, Cyaira is also mother to energetic 6-year-old son, Lee. She attributes much of her success to her family and those who surround her with support and encouragement. We look forward to witnessing your continued successes, Cyaira!
New Art for our HQ
What do presidents of refrigeration companies do in their spare time? Create mosaic masterpieces of course! We're loving the new JAX HQ decor created by our very own, Mark Lowery! Taking over 80 hours of time and drawing inspiration from a painting his daughter gifted him, Mark has crafted a stunning piece of art. We love it! Thanks for sharing your talent with the
In Case You Missed It!

Jokester Mark Lowery pulled off an epic April Fool's Day prank that garnered quite a bit of attention from the community and social media. A fake press release showed our beloved Fridgie heading to space by way of Mark's newly created mosaic in a specialized SpaceX time-capsule carrying rocket. The gag did convince a few people and inspired some fun and interesting office exchange. One local news reporter even offered to feature the story on the news. Fans wrote, "just pictured a young, dreaming Mark Lowery," and "JAX in the world beyond. Mark keeps raising the bar!" Though it's unfortunately not true, the story and all that it encompassed definitely lightened the mood for a while. Thanks for keeping things fun, Mark!

A very special Happy 32nd Anniversary
with JAX Refrigeration (RHVACS) to Evelyn Yoho!
This month, Evelyn Yoho has been with the RHVACS organization for 32 years, and we'd like to share a little more information about her:
Evelyn is responsible for accounting, permitting, job file set-up, answering phones, and more within our Restaurant HVAC Specialty Department. On a daily basis, she manages the entire office, but it is impossible to list all that she does and what she means to our RHVACS Team. We are truly blessed to have had Evelyn with RHVACS through thick and thin, for 32 years.
On the personal side, Evelyn is a native of Florida, enjoys spending her free time with her German Shepherd, Max. For fun, she loves watching Schitt’s Creek, hangs out with family and friends and enjoys golfing. She loves to vacation anywhere there’s a beach! She loves working for RHVACS and in the construction world but if she could change professions, she’d like to be a forensic scientist. Her favorite movie is Braveheart, she dreams of driving a red convertible corvette, visiting Sicily and loves Tampa Bay Bucs game days. If she could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, she’d choose her great grandfather.
Thank you for an amazing 32 years, Evelyn – It has been nice getting to know you better!

I have known Evelyn for at least 36 years and during that time she became my sister in law and a really close friend. Prior to JAX we worked together in the accounting department of another HVAC company. She met my brother Gary during that time and a few years later they started Restaurant HVAC Specialty, Inc., and if you do the math that was 32 years ago. Evelyn has been a great asset to the JAX team. She has worn many hats during her 32 years with RHVACS, and always with a great attitude and exemplary work ethic. Evelyn has a unique ability to adapt to any situation, If I were to describe Evelyn Yoho with one word, it would be resourceful. – Dana Yoho

Congratulations on THIRTY-TWO YEARS with JAX / RHVACS!
Josh Whitchurch, 5 Years with JAX!
Josh Whitchurch,
Project Manager
Refrigeration Department
Josh has been an integral part of the JAX organization for the past 5 years and we'd like to share a little more information about him:

A native of Jacksonville and a Jags fan, enjoys spending his free time with his wife and dog. For fun he watches football, hangs out with family and friends and enjoys going to the beach. His favorite beach? The Bahamas! He found his way to the engineering world as a suggestion from his mother since he excels in math. If he could change professions, though, he’d like to be a fighter pilot. His favorite movie is Star Wars, he dreams of driving a ‘67 Mustang, visiting Switzerland and loves Christmas. If he could have dinner with anyone dead or alive he’d choose Tim Allen.

Here's what Josh has to say about his tenure at JAX:
I started with JAX in 2016 after graduating from UNF. I had the great opportunity to learn under Ekle Small, as an Engineering Associate on the MEAS team. I have now worked my way up to Project Manager this past year. Learning the Design/Engineering side of Refrigeration has greatly supported my new role as a Project Manager, combined with the support of the entire Refrigeration team. Over these past 5 years at JAX I have made lifelong relationships, and enjoy the team that we have all created together. I look forward to the next milestone here at JAX.

Josh has been a great asset to the JAX team. He has stepped in when called upon to take up the slack on projects and is the de facto IT support when a quick answer is needed. Mr. Gadget has help us build 3 computers for our AutoCAD use. He can be seen driving his golf cart to work on even a mild weather day. - Ekle Small

Congratulations on FIVE YEARS with JAX!
You've probably already heard about how much we believe in our JAX Family, in the quality of our people, their values and hard work that help make our company great. But you don't have to take our word for it, check in here for the latest on what people are saying about us.
“I would absolutely recommend RHVACS over ANYBODY else when
it comes to HVAC. We have always worked well with those guys.”
Project Superintendent – Tampa, FL Based General Contractor
Fast Facts About Spring
  • Vernal Equinox The first day of spring is called the vernal equinox. The term vernal is Latin for “spring” and equinox is Latin for “equal night.”
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  • Tornadoes are most common in the spring and least common in winter.
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  • Daylight Savings? Benjamin Franklin was the first to propose daylight savings time in 1784. It wasn't fully implemented until the end of the Second World War
  • Arizona and Hawaii do not follow daylight savings. They already have enough sunlight and hot weather, so it doesn't make sense to confuse the sleeping cycle of their residents.
Department Updates
With 2021 off to a great start, JAX Refrigeration has hit the ground running. Our team is hard at work preparing for the next one. Design and coordination are always the first steps to a successful project.  JAX has the right team to assist with any project.
MEAS-JAX rolls into spring with projects in Miami and Lakeland Florida, California, Texas and Arizona. Projects range from new greenfield facilities in FL and CA , and ammonia systems additions in TX, FL and AZ.

Are you looking for a modern and energy efficient refrigeration system using a natural refrigerant? Let MEAS-JAX design your next energy efficient and environmentally conscious package that is both compliant and modular to meet your needs today AND tomorrow.
System design
  • Schematic documents – Conceptual
  • Design documents – 30% Design
  • Construction documents – fully signed and sealed designs
Technical solutions
  • System assessments
  • Piping code compliance
  • Peer reviews
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Natural and chemical Refrigerants
  • Low charge System Designs
  • Cascade systems (both compression and volatile brine)
  • Single-stage, Multi-stage and Economized Systems
  • Flow down Systems, utilizing electronic or mechanical floats
Package systems
  • Hydronic System Design, including process glycol

Process Safety Information
  • Mass and energy balance
  • Fit for Service assessments
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • Refrigeration inventory calculations
  • Engine room ventilation calculations
  • Safety relief header calculations
  • Mechanical integrity inspections
  • Standard operating procedures

  • Underfloor package systems
  • Packaged chiller systems
  • Packaged refrigeration systems
From custom design-builds to skilled maintenance, our departments work symbiotically to provide a seamless process throughout every project phase.
Big things are happening over at JAX Mechanical! The department hosted a leadership meeting at the beginning of March where the team discussed project flow, FIT, field expectations, budget, and the department’s future projections. Our office is receiving a fresh coat of paint and is almost finished. The office, where most of the Jacksonville mechanical department is located, is upstairs at our new HQ. Cubicles will be installed in the coming weeks. 
Photos below feature the Gainesville Airport Terminal Expansion project, which is in the closeout phase. Some of its features include 2 roof top unit systems, 2 air handler unit systems, 15 fan terminal unit systems, and 6 variable terminal unit systems.  

Congratulations to Sean Smallwood who was promoted
from Superintendent to Assistant Project Manager. The new position will
require a move to Jacksonville and we look forward to having him!
Our JAX Mechanical
department lives and breathes our core values every day:
Safety • People-focused • Quality
JAX – Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services
Plumbing - JAX Piping offering fullfull Commercial/ Industrial installation of interior Plumbing systems, sewers and drain systems, vents, water piping, fixtures, finishes and related equipment for Projects of any size. Our installation capabilities are performed by an experienced group of quality-focused Plumbing professionals.
JAX Piping is with you from the design phase through installation and subsequent maintenance, strictly adhering to industrial safety and building code standards on all plumbing Projects.

Specialized, Industrial Plumbing Services
General Plumbing
Process Piping
Compressed Air
Steam Systems
Stainless-Steel Piping
Carbon Steel Piping
Oil/Water Separation
Water Treatment
Natural Gas / Propane Installation, Certification and Repair
Medical Gas
Solar Heating Systems
Budget Generation
Constructability Review
Scheduling Analysis
Life Cycle Costs
Building Automation Modeling
"I'm honored to be a part of the JAXFamily, heading up the JAX Piping department. Please contact me today for any of your plumbing and piping needs. I look forward to working with you!"

John Cogburn
Director of JAX Piping
JAX Refrigeration, Inc.
Main: 904.249.1400
Mobile: 904.334.3853
JAX Mechanical Service is committed to giving the tools and information to our clients to determine the next best plan of action for each of their facilities. We accomplish this by focusing on our clients’ HVAC, plumbing and electrical needs. Our main focus is developing plans that address our clients’ current and future needs, through negotiated site reviews or our preferred service agreements. We will provide repair and replacement pricing along with recommendations on future planning for site renovations or production modifications. We will partner with our clients to meet production and site demands. We’ll work as an independent contractor or a team member in facilities such as factories, universities, K-12, and medical institutions. Our ongoing communication with site maintenance staff personnel will assure the timely completion of the project. We meet and exceed all safety, back ground and insurance requirements.

Our preferred plan of proactive building success starts from one of the following areas:
  • Full site review to be customized to your current facilities needs and goals and Quarterly service agreement and Building benchmark or energy usage audit
  • Multiyear facilities upgrade plan.
Call (904) 435-9010 and request one of our Contract Account Managers to start to work on a plan for your building operational success today.

JAX Mechanical Service would like to welcome aboard the following new clients:

  1. CORA Physical Therapy, JAX has signed a fantastic quarterly preventive maintenance contract for all (21) Florida locations.
  2. Snooze AM Eatery in Austin, Texas for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  3. HABCO Commercial Refrigeration Products, JAX is now the official and exclusive warranty service provider in the state of Florida for all equipment warranties representing the HABCO line of products.
  4. Edward Jones Investments in Jacksonville, FL. for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  5. Piada Italian Street Food in Tyler Texas for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  6. Seabulk Towing, The Tug Boat “Escambia” JAX Mechanical Service will be retrofitting the boat with new HVAC DX systems.
This will be 1 of 4 retrofit projects for Seabulk tug boats in their fleet.
Our Regional Manager Chad Ungrodt is heading up this project great job sir)
  1. T-Mobile (4) locations in Dallas Ft. Worth Texas for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  2. Sephora in Ft. Worth, Texas for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  3. The Cash Store (5) locations in Corpus Christi, Texas for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service
  4. BioTrans Medical Waste Disposal in Rockledge, Florida, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  5. Reef Kitchens, Mobile food trucks, (13) trucks/locations in Austin, Texas for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  6. Andretti Indoor Karting and Games in Colony, Texas, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  7. Sephora, (14) locations in Dallas Ft. Worth Texas, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  8. The Jockey Store in St. Augustine, Florida, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  9. Navy Federal Credit Union in Jacksonville, Florida (St. Johns Pkwy.) for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
Outstanding job, Terrance Mitchell, our Regional Manager
in the Dallas, Texas office for putting this deal together

JAX Mechanical Services has served Florida and Dallas Texas for years. We offer services that range from HVAC maintenance, HVAC installation, as well as HVAC repair. Our main focus is to keep your facility safe and comfortable all year long while providing honest service with integrity. Also, if you have any questions about your preparing your HVAC System for Winter, give us a call. (904) 435-9010

*** We are currently looking to hire rack technicians,
if you know of any in the Texas area please let us know***
JAX Cool just completed a 30,000 square foot -10F Freezer box-in box construction for a grocery distribution center in Texas. 
The Freezer box consists of 6” thick insulated metal wall panels and a 6” thick insulated metal ceiling system. 
The ceiling is supported by an extruded aluminum T system, underhung from the building structure. 
The floor is insulated with 2 layers of 3” thick (6” total) extruded polystyrene insulation.
JAX Cool successfully completed this Project ahead of schedule... as usual!
Great job, guys!
Restaurant HVAC Specialty (RHVACS) centers its services on the supply and installation of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning systems and kitchen hood ventilation for restaurants. RHVACS provides economical turnkey designs, and when combined with the full range of industry-related services at JAX Refrigeration, offers comprehensive one-stop service solutions for your entire project.

Our Restaurant HVAC Specialty Team wrapped up a Wendy’s in Cedartown, Georgia. RHVACS started this Project on November 30, 2020, and this Wendy’s was turned over to the owner at the end of February, 2021.
JAX Ind is a turnkey engineering procurement and manufacturing department underneath the JAX Refrigeration umbrella and is focused on manufacturing new and existing skid solutions for the power, fuel and gas industries. JAX Ind operates at our 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and carries D1.1 and ASME Section IX welding qualifications.

All material and equipment is thoroughly inspected and inventoried upon receipt as it moves through our production/manufacturing facility. As we continue to move toward certification, JAX Ind still operates with inspection and test plans in line with ISO 9001. We perform full QA/QC and FAT prior to shipment to validate acceptance and final approval.
Our Focus
JAX Ind is focused on providing integrated skid solutions, with a focus on safety, quality and design efficiency. Our team’s core, from inner management to the fitters and welders in the shop, operates in unity with a similar process flow as ISO compliance, in order to ensure product satisfaction is provided.
With locations in Jacksonville, Tampa, South Florida,
Dallas, and all over the Southeastern US, JAX Refrigeration
is here and ready to help!
Call us today for a quote: 904-249-1400
Work Anniversaries & Birthdays
Happy April
Work Anniversary!

Thirty-Two Years
Evelyn Yoho (RHVACS)

Five Years
Anthony Colabella
James Gilbert

Three Years
Luis Melendez-Avalos
Stephen Mercer
Josse Miranda
Alejandro Ortiz

Two Years
Matthew Maynard
Todderick Sams

Happy April Birthday!
Josh Whitchurch 4/3
Anthony Valle  4/6
Robert Smith 4/7
Saul Tobar Castillo 4/7
Julius Eggleton 4/11
Michael Gates 4/11
Tony Norris 4/13
Megan Poff 4/13
Randy Jukes 4/15
Jose Vargas 4/15
John Davis  4/16
Jeff Rash 4/17
Keith Cole 4/23
Each month, JAX offers a new list of refrigeration HVAC and mechanical parts at a discounted rate for a limited time. Remember, parts purchases always count toward our Customer Rewards Program for eligible clients. Learn more HERE!