July 2020
Get to know the MEAS Department
Mechanical Engineering Design
Offering the best in mechanical engineering and solutions, MEAS-JAX is led by one of the most experienced design teams in North America. MEAS-JAX provides the latest innovation in design and design-build services and works seamlessly with our other JAX departments to ensure that your project is executed smoothly, from concept to installation. Through outstanding communication and attention to detail, we can often address and correct potential issues prior to the onset of construction.
Our competitive advantage is our experience. Our degreed and licensed professional engineers each have more than 20 years of experience in the Industrial Refrigeration industry, and our lead professional engineer even designed the first CO2 system in the modern USA era, the largest in the world at the time of construction. Our Team creates maximum-efficiency designs and high-quality solutions that incorporate the core principles of structural and materials sciences, product life-cycle management, food safety compliance and thermodynamics.
MEAS-JAX has the capability to integrate both time-tested and cutting-edge technologies into pre-fab and custom designs, and uses Revit Design software to ensure synergy with outside contracting business partners.
The MEAS Advantage
At JAX Refrigeration, we believe every system is a custom system. Our philosophy is rooted in innovation, both in creative design solutions and technical skill. Every system is tailored to the specific needs of the project, large or small.
JAX Refrigeration is known for integrating existing technologies and techniques in a unique way that creates systems with higher efficiency and lower cost. We deliver the ultimate in client satisfaction through our focus on proper load and functionality, low-cost operation, and ease of maintenance for years to come.
  1. Our extensive refrigeration experience allows us to present innovative engineering design solutions. We ensure the efficiency and reliability of your compressed air systems, water heaters, and hot water and steam boilers.
  2. Our quick-response team of highly skilled service technicians provides unparalleled customer service.
  3. From a CO2 pump system to a complete energy center, we design to minimize installation time, maximize efficiency and ROI, and keep you operating at peak performance.
The MEAS Team
Ekle A. Small, PE
Vice President of Engineering
Ekle started with JAX in September of 2014. He joined the company to bring focus on Design/Engineering and provide innovative and energy efficient options to our customers.

What makes MEAS unique (or which MEAS Capability / Offering you are most proud of)?
Our ability to offer innovative solutions for natural refrigerant Projects.

What are YOU or the MEAS Department doing to improve?
Continuing to improve our guidelines, standards, and handbooks Note: Ekle is an active Member of the IIAR Standards Committee

What's your best memory at JAX / MEAS?
Our volunteer days at the Office.

Lemuel Viacrusis,
Sr. Design Analyst
Lemuel started with JAX in September of 2011. In search of better opportunities, he landed with the company as a design analyst.

What makes MEAS unique (or which MEAS Capability / Offering you are most proud of)?
Ekle has treated me (and the MEAS Team) as equal Partners, working toward a common goal.

What are YOU or the MEAS Department doing to improve?
Working toward further perfecting our ability to design and build small Refrigeration Package systems.

What's your best memory at JAX / MEAS?
The first Company Meeting.
Joshua Whitchurch,
Project Manager
Josh joined the JAX MEAS team in March of 2016. In an effort to strengthen his engineering knowledge, he aims to learn as much as possible under the guidance of Ekle Small.

What makes MEAS unique (or which MEAS Capability / Offering you are most proud of)?
3D design and Skid fabrication design.

What are YOU or the MEAS Department doing to improve?
Working towards obtaining my Professional Engineering License.

What's your best memory at JAX / MEAS?
My best memory at JAX was getting the opportunity to work in the field for a couple of weeks in Texas.

Larry Lubyonne,
Associate Engineer
In January 2019, Larry started with JAX MEAS to better challenge himself and grow his engineering and refrigeration design abilities.

What makes MEAS unique (or which MEAS Capability / Offering you are most proud of)?
I am especially proud of our 3D Modeling - Design and Coordination. Our ability to offer Ammonia System Packaged Skid Design and CO2 Cascade System Design makes us unique

What are YOU or the MEAS Department doing to improve?
Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) drawing standards. Researching latest innovations and staying up to date on code changes. More coordination with other departments. Automating processes to improve efficiency.

What's your best memory at JAX / MEAS?
JAX Anniversary party/Icemen hockey game. That was the first opportunity for me to socialize with entire company.
With locations in Tampa, South Florida, Dallas, and all over the Southeastern US, JAX Refrigeration is here and ready to help!
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JAX Announcements
JAX would like to announce a new employee.

Tim Krothe has joined the Mechanical Department team as a Project Manager. We’re excited to see his expertise at work. Welcome to the JAX Family, Tim!
Get to Know the JAX Family
Mark Rassano,
Mechanical Service Manager
Living in his own little slice of paradise, Palm Coast, Mark loves all the Florida greats: boating, golf, dinner and cocktails with friends. He enjoys spending time with wife, Patricia, daughters, Toni and Keri and especially hosting pool days and no-rules sleepovers for his grandchildren. His favorite destination is a yearly family trip to The Keys for lobster hunting. Their experienced group of divers double as excellent bug hunters.
If Mark could dine with anyone dead or alive he’d choose his father. His influence and guidance helped shape him into the man he is today. Mark’s favorite holiday is Christmas (of course!), he loves the movie Goodfellas, roots for the Chicago Cubs & Bears and his dream car is the Jaguar XKE V12. Take a moment and look that one up, What a Car!
After retiring from the military, Mark used his GI Bill to go to the University of Illinois and study mechanical engineering. He has worked his way up through the ranks of the HVAC/R field for the last 20 years. “If you love what you do then it never feels like you are going to work. JAX has allowed me to pursue that dream to the fullest.”
Happy Birthday, Bryson Osborn!
We would like to take a moment and wish Bryson Lee Osborn a very happy first birthday. Bryson is grandson of John Osborn (Refrigeration Superintendent) & Michelle Osborn. Born on July 2, 2019, he loves his grandma, swimming and bath time. He enjoys being outside every chance he gets and he likes playing with anything with wheels. Happy Birthday!
Meet, Jax.
No, not JAX Refrigeration, Jax the super cute 2-year old who shares our name! While driving north of Waco, TX, his grandmother spotted one of our trucks and decided to reach out to us. Since this little guy loves his name and everything JAX related, we sent a care package including a JAX cap and Fridgie plush. Thanks for being part of the #JAXFamily, Jax!
You've probably already heard about how much we believe in our JAX Family, in the quality of our people, their values and hard work that help make our company great. But you don't have to take our word for it, check in here for the latest on what people are saying about us.

The JAX Refrigeration Service Team went above and beyond, working
all day Saturday, and through the night to ensure our customer’s
plant was operational for production by Monday morning.
– Fort Worth, TX Food Processing Plant Maintenance Supervisor
Department Updates
JAX Refrigeration's Newly Promoted
Parts & Service Team!
Many of you already know Travis and Michelle by their incredible dedication and professionalism in our already successful parts and service department.
Their commitment to JAX has helped to create significant growth and success in Florida and beyond. Read more about them and how they can help you for all your parts and service needs!
Travis Locklear
National Refrigeration
Service Director
Michelle Hite
National Refrigeration
Parts and Service Manager
Travis Locklear, National Refrigeration Service Director
Travis has over 20 years of experience in the Industrial Refrigeration Industry, focused primarily in Refrigeration Service. Travis has extensive technical knowledge and hands on experience with managing Service Projects, Technicians and Customers. We are proud of our Refrigeration Service Department and are excited for Travis to bring his knowledge, experience and energy to the Team. We are all confident that Travis will take on his new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and professionalism that our Valued Customers expect and deserve.
As of 6/12/2020, Travis Locklear will be responsible for your account with JAX Refrigeration Service. Feel free to reach out to Travis via email at  tlocklear@jaxref.com  or call him directly at 904-316-7199. Travis will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Michelle Hite, National Parts and Service Manager
Michelle has over 20 years of experience in the Industrial Refrigeration Industry, focused primarily in Refrigeration Parts and Service. Michelle has extensive experience with parts procurement, scheduling, dispatching and managing technicians. We are proud of our proven Refrigeration Parts Department and are excited for Michelle to bring her knowledge, experience and energy to the Team. We are all confident that Michelle will take on her new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and professionalism that our Valued Customers expect and deserve.
If you currently work directly with Anthony Colabella, Linda Schreck, Vic Rupert or Kim Dean, please c ontinue to consider them your Primary Point of Contact with JAX Refrigeration Parts.
As of 6/12/2020, Michelle Hite will be responsible for your account with our company. Feel free to reach out to Michelle via email at mhite@jaxref.com or call her directly at 904-238-7965. She will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
INNOVATIVE, COMPLIANT and ENERGY EFFICIENT are just a few words that describe MEAS-JAX designs. Both Natural and Chemical refrigerants to suit your project needs.

 Thank you for your support.
Stay safe and healthy.

From custom design-builds to skilled maintenance, our departments work symbiotically to provide a seamless process throughout every project phase.

JAX Mechanical is working with a long-time (General Contractor) Partner and is well underway on a St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Project.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Compound Project consists of three (3) separate buildings: Primary Shooting Range, Guest Shooting Range and Emergency Operations Center. This is a high-value Project, and we are excited to work with St. Johns County and our long-time GC Partner’s Team on this Project.
Photo 1: St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Project Site
Photo 2: Roof dried in on C/S and preparing for Equipment setting
(Scheduled for July 14) as well as Roof Duct Installation.
Our JAX Mechanical
 department lives and breathes our core values every day:
Safety • People-focused • Quality
JAX – Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services
Whether your project requires retrofitting an existing commercial/industrial facility, or installing a plumbing system in a new facility, you can count on the plumbing team at JAX Refrigeration. Our installation capabilities are performed by a group of quality-focused plumbers.

JAX offers full commercial/industrial plumbing services including installation of interior plumbing systems, sewers and drain systems, vents, water piping, fixtures, finishes and related equipment for specific building projects of any size.

Our team of experienced plumbing professionals are with you from the design phase through installation and subsequent maintenance, strictly adhering to industrial safety and building code standards on all plumbing projects.
Specialized, Industrial Plumbing Services
  • Commercial solar hot water heating systems
  • Certified cross-connection surveyors and back-flow preventer installation, testing, and service

Utility Piping
Utility piping construction requires a unique combination of engineering know-how and in-the-field expertise. Our pipe fitting experts can support a broad range of facility needs with code-compliant installations performed by certified welders. Our pipe fitters work interchangeably between the shop and field.

Our Piping Engineering Expertise Includes:
  • Steam and condensate systems
  • Hot and chilled water systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Potable and non-potable water systems
  • Sewer and wastewater systems
  • Natural gas installation, certification, and repair
  • Industrial gas systems
  • Process cooling and heating systems
JAX Mechanical Service would like to welcome aboard the following new clients:
  1. Bealls in Mt. Pleasant TX, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  2. Memphis Wings in Jacksonville Beach FL, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  3. The Goddard School in St. Johns, FL, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  4. UBREAKIFIX in McKinney, TX, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.
  5. Natural Grocers (25) Texas locations, for quarterly preventive maintenance and re-active service.

*** We are currently looking to hire some rack techs,
if you know of any in the Texas area please let us know***
New Techs
This week we onboarded two new HVAC techs for Dept 135 Texas. Burrell Holland has taken on the Lead Tech position like a champ and has motivated the rest of the team doing things the JAX way. Cameron Johnson undersold his abilities and is more experienced than originally expected, which is a huge win for us. He was previously a tech for 2 years and has great HVAC technical abilities which is a huge asset for the team. Dept. 125 North and South Florida has added a new technician, Jeff Rash. He comes to us from the North Florida area where he was employed as a lead tech. He heard great things about JAX and our service department, which was the impetus for his move. Dept. 145 Tampa and Orlando Florida has also added a new tech, Alex Garcia, and he has hit the ground running.
COVID 19 Recovery
We are currently working on ways to recover for the loss of revenue due to the COVID19 work shortage. We are preparing for the next possible wave that may hit America in the coming weeks. We are currently building a presentation to be given to Senior Living Facility Directors in Texas and Florida which features package and split systems for their resident and common areas. The focus is clean air filtration and surface sanitation through their existing HVAC system by implementing REME-H HALO systems into their existing units.
The Sahara Dust Cloud Impact
With the pending dust cloud approaching America, we are planning to do a preemptive bid package on coil cleanings and filter changes for all our customers in Texas and Florida. The additional dust carried with this system will start to clog coils and filters quickly and can potentially cause damage to HVAC systems. This project potential is variable since some locations recently had coil cleaning and belt replacements within the past 2 months. We want to go above and beyond our customers' expectations of what an HVAC service company can be. A true partnership.

JAX Mechanical Service – (904) 435-9010.
You can expect the best from our well-trained and COVID-19 ready technicians.
JAX Cool recently began construction of an insulated panel on a 300,000 sf cold storage warehouse for a health food company in Indiana. The project includes freezers, coolers, cold storage dock, and an additional freezer in the future. The project also features 6” thick exterior wall panels, 5” thick partition panels, 6” thick underfloor insulation throughout and cold storage doors. The projected completion is set for the end of 2020.
Restaurant HVAC Specialty (RHVACS) centers its services on the supply and installation of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning systems and kitchen hood ventilation for restaurants. RHVACS provides economical turnkey designs, and when combined with the full range of industry-related services at JAX Refrigeration, offers comprehensive one-stop service solutions for your entire project.
Our Restaurant HVAC Specialty Team is wrapping up a Walmart Health Center / BLOX Building in Newnan, GA. RHVACS started this project at the beginning of May and the Walmart Health Center is slated for completion and to be released for operation by the end of July.
JAX Ind is a turnkey engineering procurement and manufacturing department underneath the JAX Refrigeration umbrella and is focused on manufacturing new and existing skid solutions for the power, fuel and gas industries. JAX Ind operates at our 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and carries D1.1 and ASME Section IX welding qualifications.

All material and equipment is thoroughly inspected and inventoried upon receipt as it moves through our production/manufacturing facility. As we continue to move toward certification, JAX Ind still operates with inspection and test plans in line with ISO 9001. We perform full QA/QC and FAT prior to shipment to validate acceptance and final approval.
Our Focus
JAX Ind is focused on providing integrated skid solutions, with a focus on safety, quality and design efficiency. Our team’s core, from inner management to the fitters and welders in the shop, operates in unity with a similar process flow as ISO compliance, in order to ensure product satisfaction is provided.
Upcoming Events
Stay tuned for more information about the rescheduling of activities and events.
Work Anniversaries & Birthdays
Happy July
Work Anniversary!

Thirty Years
Dana Yoho

Thirteen Years
Tony Peyton

Nine Years
Joy Bardin

Eight Years
Jesse Wold

Four Years
TJ Bielling
Jose Vargas

One Year
Dario Perez
Tiffany Simon
Alex Santos
Happy July

Ramiro Ramirez 7/1
Courtney Machael 7/13
Matthew Maynard 7/23
Jeff Harvison 7/25
Demetrio Rodriguez 7/25
Miguel Mendoza-Ruiz 7/26
TJ Bielling 7/29
Mike Sanders 7/30
David Collins 7/31
Each month, JAX offers a new list of refrigeration HVAC and mechanical parts at a discounted rate for a limited time. Remember, parts purchases always count toward our Customer Rewards Program for eligible clients. Learn more HERE!