November 2019
The Heart of a Warrior - Daniel's Journey
In honor of the "season of thanks" JAX is reflecting on the journey of one of our own.

On January 12, 2018, Daniel, son of Brannen Youngblood (a JAX service technician), entered this world a fighter. Daniel was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Right Heart syndrome, a congenital heart defect in which the right atrium and right ventricle are underdeveloped. This defect causes inadequate blood flow to the lungs and thus, a blue or cyanotic infant. Though his congenital heart defect was known, the journey ahead was far greater than anyone expected.

At just 5 days old Daniel had his first surgery. During that surgery, and with only a 1% chance, he suffered a stroke. A craniotomy was performed and a gastrostomy tube (G-tube) for feeding was placed. Doctors explained that neuroplasticity or brain plasticity, the ability of the brain to modify its connections or re-wire itself, would be an advantage for Daniel. He would suffer delays but the full extent would not be known until later in life. He was finally discharged on March 2 nd but the joy was immediately replaced with fear and worry. Daniel went into heart failure, renal failure and had a GI bleed. The following week his aorta ballooned and he remained in critical care for two months. He returned home for just 4 short hours and after receiving CPR from his parents, Daniel was rushed to the hospital and transferred back to Dallas for care. There he had his fourth surgery and second craniotomy. At 6 months old, he had his second open heart surgery. Finally, on September 8th Daniel was able to truly go home. Since that discharge he has returned to the hospital for short stays and some additional surgeries but through it all he has defied all odds and reached more milestones than any of the experts had predicted.

Daniel's warrior spirit has been an inspiration to all who have been a part of his journey. As he approaches the end of his second trip around the sun, Daniel is close to walking, continues to add to his vocabulary and has an infectious laugh. He has been weaned off all but 4 medications (down from the original 16, at up to 34 doses per day). Anything but typical, this little boy is doing what all kids his age do: laughing, learning and loving life.

When asked about the role JAX Refrigeration played during Daniel's journey, Brannen and his fiancé, Blair, choked up a bit and said, "Everything." In the beginning of Daniel's life and during the most critical times, Brannen was given paid time off and the freedom to be with his family. JAX employees set up a GoFundMe account and together, along with friends, raised $10,000. The support they received from the JAX Family helped carry them through the darkest days and allowed them to be a part of their son's fight for life. The couple reflected, "I don't know what we would have done without JAX. The support was nothing short of mind-blowing. Thank you to every single person who has helped us along the way. We are forever grateful."
Mark Lowery named one of Jacksonville Business Journal's Ultimate CEOs!
For more than a decade, the Jacksonville Business Journal has honored some of the First Coast’s top CEOs who have led their companies to greatness and have had an outsized impact on the local community and its economy. Thank you for your continued leadership, Mark!
You've probably already heard about how much we believe in our JAX Family, in the quality of our people, their values and hard work that help make our company great. But you don't have to take our word for it, check in here for the latest on what people are saying about us.

This was the first job that I have personally done
with JAX and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help and
quality on this project. I have built over 75 Chick-fil-A’s and very rarely do I ever see this kind of workmanship and follow up. Looking forward
to the next one with you guys.
- Chris Daniel
Project Manager, W.H. Bass Inc.
Get to know the JAX Family
Jonathan Hood
Service Tech
Jonathan is originally from Bradenton, Florida. He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and going to the beach. His favorite destination is anywhere that has access to the ocean. He made his way into the refrigeration field straight out of high school when a friend offered him a job.

Jonathan's favorite movie is Gone in 60 Seconds and his dream car is a 1965 Ford Mustang. He roots for the Georgia Bulldogs (if you couldn’t already tell by the hat in his photo). If he could have dinner with anyone, he’d choose his grandfather, who was a big source of inspiration and wonderful role model in his life.

Cyaira Tyler promoted to Project Manager
Congratulations to Cyaira Tyler on her recent promotion to Project Manager in Refrigeration. Cyaira has been an Assistant Project Manager at JAX for two years and her commitment to our success makes her an integral part of the JAX Family. Congratulations and keep up the good work Cyaira!
JAX Safety Talk
Drowsy Driving
According to the National Sleep Foundation, about half of U.S. adult drivers admit to consistently getting behind the wheel while feeling drowsy. About 20% admit to falling asleep behind the wheel at some point in the past year – with more than 40% admitting this has happened at least once in their driving careers. An estimated 5,000 people died in 2015 in crashes involving drowsy driving, according to a Governors Highway Safety Association report .

Impact of Drowsiness on Driving
Driving while drowsy is similar to driving under influence of alcohol:
  • Drivers’ reaction times, awareness of hazards and ability to sustain attention all worsen the drowsier the driver is
  • Driving after going more than 20 hours without sleep is the equivalent of driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08% – the U.S. legal limit
  • You are three times more likely to be in a car crash if you are fatigued
A driver might not even know when he or she is fatigued because signs of fatigue are hard to identify. Some people may also experience micro-sleep – short, involuntary periods of inattention. In the 4 or 5 seconds a driver experiences micro-sleep, at highway speed, the vehicle will travel the length of a football field.
Interventions for Drowsy Driving
Drowsy driving affects everyone, but especially those under age 25, who make up an estimated 50% or more of drowsy driving crashes.
That means interventions focusing on this age group – males especially – can help reduce drowsy driving among those vulnerable. One such intervention is for parents to incorporate discussions and rules on drowsy driving while completing their parent-teen driving agreements .
Other ways to reduce drowsy driving include:
  • Crash avoidance technologies: New and existing safety technologies, such as drowsiness alert and lane departure warnings, can detect common drowsy driving patterns and warn drivers to stay in their lane or take a break
  • University interventions: College students receive less than average sleep, with some estimates at less than six hours a night; education programs aimed at college students may help curb drowsy driving and instill healthier behaviors that can last into adulthood
  • Getting more sleep: According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, adults should get seven or more hours of sleep each night
  • Medication labels: A 2015 article by Consumer Reports found that side effects warnings are not always clear; new labeling guidelines may help drivers understand when to drive or not drive after taking these medications
  • Employers: Workplaces with strong off-the-job safety and health programs can include key information on getting sufficient sleep and refraining from driving drowsy

Too Tired to Drive?
The following are signs and symptoms of drowsy driving, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:
  • Frequent yawning or difficulty keeping your eyes open
  • "Nodding off" or having trouble keeping your head up
  • Inability to remember driving the last few miles
  • Missing road signs or turns
  • Difficulty maintaining your speed
  • Drifting out of your lane
Department Updates
JAX Refrigeration is accustomed to working in some of Mother Nature's most extreme conditions. We might be headquartered in the south, but we have completed many projects in the north during the winter months. Currently, we are successfully executing work in the New England area and will continue to work in that region on other projects in the coming months. 
MEAS is happy to share our latest design. It
includes a 950 TR CO 2 /NH3 cascade condenser operating at 5F/ 0F.

Your Low Charge Ammonia specialist. From distribution warehouses to chiller systems, MEAS-JAX can design a solution to meet your needs.

From custom design-builds to skilled maintenance, our departments work symbiotically to provide a seamless process throughout every project phase.
The JAX Mechanical team is currently working on a design/build project in South Florida. Having assigned a JAX Superintendent with over 35 years of experience, this design/build job is in good hands. Project completion date is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. This project features 170,000 sf, 500,000 cfm of exhaust fans, approximately 245 tons of cooling and 60,000 lbs. of duct work. Kudos to our team who has been hard at work to bring this project to fruition.
Our JAX Mechanical
 department lives and breathes our core values every day:
Safety • People-focused • Quality
Our team can quickly
repair your cooler or freezer to get it back up and running. Don't suffer by dealing with a cooler that does not work correctly.
Whether you need service or repair, JAX is the right team for the job!
Some of our commercial refrigeration services include:
  • Walk-in Freezers Repair
  • Walk-in Cooler Repair
  • Commercial Refrigeration Installation and Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
If you are having any issues with your commercial refrigeration, contact us JAX Mechanical Service (904) 435 - 9010 today for service. You can expect the best from our well-trained crew. We know having broken commercial refrigeration can shut your business down. We begin repairs as soon as possible and can do it on a schedule that works for you!

Commercial refrigeration systems allow for the proper storage of food and perishable goods. It can also allow the transport of fluids or medicines. You can count on our certified techs to correctly maintain and repair your systems. Contact us right away for help to get your freezer working as it should.

Our Team can repair your cooler or freezer and have you back up and running quickly. Don't suffer with a freezer or cooler that does not work correctly. Call Today!
JAX Cool is celebrating 4 years of operation in November. Here's to 4 years of keeping things COOL!

JAX Cool provides an entire range of thermal construction solutions to meet every project’s need, whether securing a thermal envelope for a single room, an entire building, or custom-creating insulated metal panel ductwork. We have extensive experience in low-temperature construction and understand the importance of the compliance and safety details for food process facilities.
Restaurant HVAC Specialty (RHVACS) centers its services on the supply and installation of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning systems and kitchen hood ventilation for restaurants. RHVACS provides economical turnkey designs, and when combined with the full range of industry-related services at JAX Refrigeration, offers comprehensive one-stop service solutions for your entire project.
Our Restaurant HVAC Specialty Team is wrapping up a Chick-fil-A Restaurant in Lake Park, GA, which began in mid-August. The restaurant is slated to open within the month.
JAX Ind is a turnkey engineering procurement and manufacturing department underneath the JAX Refrigeration umbrella and is focused on manufacturing new and existing skid solutions for the power, fuel and gas industries. JAX Ind operates at our 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and carries D1.1 and ASME Section IX welding qualifications.

All material and equipment is thoroughly inspected and inventoried upon receipt as it moves through our production/manufacturing facility. As we continue to move toward certification, JAX Ind still operates with inspection and test plans in line with ISO 9001. We perform full QA/QC and FAT prior to shipment to validate acceptance and final approval.
Our Focus
JAX Ind is focused on providing integrated skid solutions, with a focus on safety, quality and design efficiency. Our team’s core, from inner management to the fitters and welders in the shop, operates in unity with a similar process flow as ISO compliance, in order to ensure product satisfaction is provided.
Happy November
Work Anniversary!
Fifteen Years
Mike Brim

Five Years
Kim Hollifield

Two Years
Larry Hardin
Wilfredo Sierra Vazquez

One Year
Derrik Fenner
Happy November Birthday!
Jorge Sandoval Mendoza 11/2
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