As we walk the labyrinth of our complex lives, we could all use a little help. So this month's newsletter is filled with resources to help you navigate your complex life with a little more ease. Enjoy!   
Cultivating Leadership                                                                          June 2017
Our ideas were featured in Google's re:work blog!
Check out what Jennifer and Wendy wrote about how to keep from drowning in data...

In a deluge of data look for surprises, not confirmation

Have you ever tried to find a clear pathway but ended up drowning in data that seem to make everything more murky instead of less? Before you dive into data collection, try a bit of question reflection to make sure you understand what sorts of data will, and won't, be useful.

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Jennifer and Keith on our three simple habits for making your life better in complexity
Jennifer and Keith on our three simple habits for making your life better in complexity
Want quick and fun videos to warm up to serious complexity ideas?
We're pleased to announce the first harvests of a beautiful collaboration between Cultivating Leadership and the cool Kiwi animator Phill Simmonds.

Here is our first animation, which you can also get on our website here. Stay tuned for the next set--one for each of our habits of mind

A new angle on professional learning: our Conversations at the Growing Edge goes virtual

For years people have been asking us to give a virtual Conversations at the Growing Edge a try. They have written from Africa, from the Middle East, from Europe, and from Asia to tell us that they want to learn but simply can't find the way to travel.We have said the technology simply isn't there to create the personal and in-depth experience we want that workshop to be. Until now.
We're offering an experimental Conversations at the Growing Edge on line at a computer near you. In this workshop, you'll deepen your understanding of adult development and its connection to supporting our clients (and ourselves to grow) and you'll learn new ways of listening and asking questions.
Come and join us! Click here for more information.

Already taken that one? Carolyn and Beth are offering a Psychologically Spacious Coaching workshop November 6-8 in suburban Washington DC. Click here for more information on that one.

For a different look at how to support your clients (or yourself) to thrive in a fast-paced, fast-changing, unpredictable world through the wisdom of the whole self--emotion, cognition, language, and sensation--join Carolyn Coughlin and Doug Silsbee at Bend of Ivy Retreat Center near Asheville, North Carolina for their new offering--  Resourcing Clients for Unknowable Futures:  A Whole Self Approach to Supporting Clients to Thrive in a Complex World, June 15-18, spaces are filling up.
When a quick cartoon won't do: Deeper dives on adult development, complexity, and why it all matters

Here you'll find a video of Zafer talking about complexity and change (this is worth clicking on just to hear his experience as a young consultant with an innovative change strategy).

And here's Jennifer talking about complexity of mind and the way adults grow and change over time--and why it matters to support ourselves and others to grow.

Both of these from our time at the Mobius Next Practice Institute--one of the best professional development weeks we've ever had.

Or if you'd rather listen than watch, here's an interview with Jennifer. Marcia Hyatt asks about practical tips for making our lives better in complexity. See what you think.

Our books are in the news!
Simple Habits has made two must read leadership book lists:
At the Enterprise project for Ten Must-reads for IT leaders
and for John Saunder's The Best Books I've Ever Read!
If you've read and enjoyed our books, you might check out the other books on the list. If you haven't read Simple Habits yet--these might finally convince you to give it a go!

Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders
by Jennifer Garvey Berger
and Keith Johnston
Stanford Business Books
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2015-02-25
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