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Dive right in and explore the unique world of Touchstone. This customized Cloud-Based Document Management System  allows its users to choose individual modules or select a package of multiple modules to help simplify and enhance processes by having it all in one, super cool, user-friendly system.

Touchstone has been designed to maintain current county recording jurisdiction specific requirements for error free document preparation and recording.

Touchstone's  user friendly web based system allows for data capture, file inventory, file review, document imaging, exception handling and document preparation & recording.  Additionally, Touchstone includes comprehensive exception level reporting to help complete the resolution process for problem files.

 - Touchstone Modules - 

Review an entire loan pool with our Collateral File Review module:
  • Exception Management 
  • Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
  • Sales and Acquisitions Tracking
  • File and Document Tracking
  • Manage Trailing Documents
  • Multi-Level Reporting
By using Touchstone's review module you can easily identify, designate and track your exceptions to completion. 

Simplify and enhance your process by having it all in one system.

Prepare volumes of Assignments and Allonges with our Document Preparation module:
  • Assignments
  • Allonges
  • Lien Releases - Residential and Commercial
  • Document creation simplified by using Touchstone.
  • Create compliant documents in any recording jurisdiction.
  • Increase productivity by generating multiple documents with one-time data input and NO redundant data entry.

Send your prepared documents to be recorded with our Record and Track module:
  • District Recording Fees & Requirements 
  • Rejection Reporting & Tracking 
  • Document Recording Confirmation 
  • Cover Page Requirements 
  • Marginal Formatting 
  • Generate Recording Fee Checks or Report for Accounting 
  • Proof Third Party Documents  
Have hassle free recording when using Touchstone. 

Streamline your recording process by utilizing this user-friendly Record and Track module.


Or keep tabs on the latest requirements with our NEW Subscription Service for County Recording District Notifications:
  • District Recording Fees Updates
  • Requirement Changes and Updates
  • Cover Page Requirements 
  • Marginal Formatting Changes
  • Daily Live Updates All Delivered to your INBOX!

We invite you to explore our newest video featuring Touchstone Cloud-Based Document Management System. 

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