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Summer 2014 Newsletter
Volume 4
Issue 3                                                           


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CoopZone AGM, and Seeking Board Candidates / L'AGA de CoopZone, et à la recherche des candidats au CA
CoopZone-CWCF Conference
Protocols for CoopZone Listservs
Multi-stakeholder Session Notes, and Solidarity as a Business Model
Upcoming Tele-learning Sessions
Cross Canada Co-op Developer Check-In, and Facebook Page
Rare Birds Cohousing Equity Co-op
OnCoop Outreach Conference and Roundtables
CMC News / les Nouvelles de CMC
Li Maya Farmers Co-operative and Planet Bean Coffee
CHF Canada's AGM
Symposium sur la succession d'entreprises/Symposium on Business Succession
International Summit of Funeral Cooperatives / le Deuxième Sommet international des coopératives funéraires
Health Co-op Sector Rendez-Vous - at the International Summit/ Rendez-vous des coopératives de santé - au Sommet international
International Summit of Co-operatives
CoopZone AGM / L'AGA de CoopZone
Hanan El-Youssef. ICA-ACI

***Le fran�ais suit.***


CoopZone's AGM is coming up on Monday, September 29th, 2014 at 3:30 pm Eastern Time, by conference call.  The conference call will last for approximately 90 minutes.  

This is also your opportunity to hear about the International Co-op Alliance's plans for the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade. Hanan El-Youssef, ICA Strategy Manager for the Blueprint, will give a presentation toward the end of the conference call; she will also be available for discussion and questions.  


Please RSVP as soon as possible, by email to Kaye Grant:, and in any case by 4 pm, Eastern Time on Friday, Sept. 26th. More information and documents will follow in advance of the conference call.


Seeking CoopZone Board Candidates  


There are two seats up for election at the upcoming AGM on the CoopZone Board of Directors: both of which are at-large.  These seats are currently held by Joy Emmanuel (BC) and Andr� Jalbert (Quebec), neither of whom will run again.  If you or your organization is a CoopZone member and you are interested in running, or would like to nominate another person, please contact or else Nominating Committee members Joy Emmanuel, or Peter Cameron,  Information about the current Board and the Board composition policies are available here. 


Note that any Resolutions by members must be submitted by September 15, 2014, to Hazel Corcoran,, or Joy Emmanuel,  


***Le fran�ais.***   


L'AGA de CoopZone aura lieu par t�l�conf�rence le 29 septembre 2014, � 15h30 Heure de l'Est.  La t�l�conf�rence durera approximativement 90 minutes au total.


Ce sera aussi une occasion pour apprendre plus sur les projets de l'ACI pour le Plan d'Action pour une D�cennie Coop�rative.  Il y aura une pr�sentation par Mme. Hanan El-Youssef, Gestionnaire de la strat�gie pour le Plan d'Action de l'ACI vers la fin de la t�l�conf�rence, et sera disponible pour des questions et discussion par la suite.  


Veuillez confirmer votre pr�sence aussit�t que possible, et par 16h, HE, le 26 septembre, par courriel � Kaye Grant, communications@canadianworker.coopDes renseignements suppl�mentaires suivront � une date plus pr�s de l'AGA.   



A la recherche des candidat-es au conseil d'administration de CoopZone  


Il y a deux postes au conseil d'administration de CoopZone pour lesquels on cherche des candidat-es, les deux "sans r�gion sp�cifique".  Ce sont les postes de Joy Emmanuel (C-B) et Andr� Jalbert (Qu�bec), et ni l'un ni l'autre ne va se pr�senter comme candidat-e.  Si vous �tes membre et vous �tes int�ress�s � �tre candidat-e, ou vous voulez nommer quelq'un, veuillez contacter Joy Emmanuel,, ou Peter Cameron,, les membres du Comit� de nomination, ou bien (en fran�ais ou en anglais), moi-m�me.  La liste des membres du CA actuel se trouve ici, et les politiques de composition du CA se trouvent (en anglais) ici.


La date limite pour les r�solutions des membres est le 15 septembre 2014.  Si vous souhaitez soumettre une r�solution, envoyez-la � Hazel Corcoran,, ou � Joy Emmanuel, 


2014 CoopZone-CWCF Conference

Co-operative Collaborations:

Member Engagement and External Partnerships


November 6 - 8, 2014, with optional events in the evening of November 5th  




Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Click here to register for the 2014 Conference.  For more information about the Conference, click here  and look at the Program and detailed registration information.


Conference presenters include JOSE ORBAICETA, President of the Worker Co-op Federation of Argentina; KAREN MINER, Managing Director of Saint Mary's University's Co-operative Management Education program; and RYSZARD STOCKI, lead developer of the Worker Co-op Index, from Poland.


Conference workshop topics will include: 
  • What Should be Decided by Whom in a Worker Co-op?
  • Strengthen your Co-op with Clear Worker Guidelines
  • International Solidarity
  • Participatory Management
  • Expanding your Worker Co-op
  • Pricing for Profit
  • The Co-operative Advantage
  • Branding including Social Media
  • and more!  
Plenary topics will include:
  • Member Engagement
  • Recruitment & Evaluation in a Worker Co-op Movement
  • Building the Worker Co-op Movement in Argentina, by Jos� Orbaiceta, President of the Argentinian Federation. 
There will also be an opportunity to visit Just Us Coffee Roasters Co-op. 

We are very pleased to announce the 2014 CWCF Award winners.  The winner of the Worker Co-op Merit Award is Kevin Thomson (posthumously).  Kevin was a second generation founder of La Siembra Co-op in Ottawa, and a fair trade and co-operative pioneer.  Following his untimely death in March 2014, the CWCF Board has chosen to recognize the legacy that he leaves.  The winner of the Worker Co-op Best Practices Award is Careforce Homecare, for their Co-op Member Orientation Program.  Careforce will present at the Conference about this innovative program, which they offer to all prospective members. 

Early-bird registration is valid until Sept. 12, 2014, and there are deep discounts for members of CWCF and CoopZone.  

Participation in developer-specific sessions:
  Although many plenary and workshops sessions are relevant to developers, there are two which are focused on developer issues, in which CoopZone member may participate via conference call.  These are:  CoopZone caucus meeting (Thurs., Nov. 6th, 4 pm Atlantic Time for 1 hour +), and a "Developer-focused workshop", primarily about how CoopZone, CMC, federations, provincial associations and other organizations doing co-op development can effectively work together (Sat., Nov. 8th, 12:45 pm AT for 90 minutes).  If you wish to participate in one or both of these, please write to Kaye Grant, .


Protocols for use of CoopZone Listservs
There are two CoopZone listservs: one for members of the CoopZone Legal Network, and one for all other CoopZone members - i.e., the general listserv.  Only members can use the listservs, and only email addresses on the listservs can write to them.  We encourage you to use the listserv group mailing list to communicate with other CoopZone members, in sharing opportunities, asking questions, etc., but please be mindful of the protocols, listed below. 
1) We use a subject line protocol: the subject line is to clearly and succinctly state the content of the email and to define the intended audience, e.g. "Manitoba Bike Co-op Financing Question", or "Nova Scotia Housing Co-op Question".  This is very important so that people can easily ignore those items which do not interest them, and know to jump in when they have something to contribute or ask.    


2) Further, in responding, people should generally respond to the group email address instead of to the individual only, so that others can know whether the response sought was already given, and can follow the thread of conversation generally.  (This one could change, depending on how members find this protocol.)


If you would like to reply to only the writer, use reply, or to all listserv members, use reply all.  To ask a question, at any time write to: (general CoopZone listserv), or (Legal Network listserv)


To know who is on the general listserv, you can go to, and either view members by province or else select "list all members."  Note this may not be perfectly correlated to the listserv members at any given time, but it's very close.    


Let Hazel ( know if you have questions, or suggestions for improvement to these protocols. Also, you can ask to be removed from the list at any time, again by writing to Hazel.    

The above protocols are available on line, here on the CoopZone site about member benefits:


Multi-stakeholder Co-ops Tele-learning Session Notes, and
Solidarity as a Business Model: a Manual

CoopZone held a tele-learning session on Multi-stakeholder Co-operatives / Solidarity Co-operatives in June, and the notes are now available, here.   

The questions which we asked the presenters to address included:
When you have helped to develop multi-stakeholder co-op(s), how has it gone?  What lessons have you learned, and what do you think are the pros and cons of the model?  It was a very rich and productive session to have seven different presenters with different perspectives. 

As part of this session, we announced a guidebook on the topic published a few years ago by the Co-operative Development Center at Kent State University.  "Solidarity as a Business Model: a Multi-stakeholder Co-operatives' Business Manual" is available for download here
Upcoming Tele-learning Sessions

Crowd-funding:  CoopZone will host a tele-learning session on Crowd-funding - September 9th, 3:30 pm Eastern Time for up to 90 minutes.  Presenters will be lawyer Robert Wakulat, and crowd-funding developer Christopher Charlesworth of  The session will cover the following: 

* Learn about crowdfunding and how you can take advantage of it.
* Learn about the legal and regulatory framework for using the various crowdfunding platforms.
* Learn that crowdfunding is more than just about raising money.
* Learn the critical factors to crowdfunding success.
* Hear examples of crowdfunding campaigns.
* Learn about other expert resources to help you plan and execute a campaign.  


Housing Co-ops:  There will be another session, October 27th, 3:30 pm Eastern time for up to 90 minutes, on Emerging and Current Legal Issues in Housing Co-ops.  The presenters will include lawyers Laird Hunter, Celia Chandler, and Grant Haddock.   More details will follow closer to the date.  


To register for either of these sessions, please write to Hazel Corcoran, 


Cross Canada Co-op Developer Check-In, and CoopZone Facebook Page

CoopZone is seeking ways for members to more effectively share stories and news with each other.  In this spirit, we launched the "Cross Canada Co-op Developer Check-In" last month, and also wish to encourage more use of the CoopZone Facebook page. 


We have two submissions for our Developer Check-In.  Joy Emmanuel sent an article about a cohousing project, and Peter Cameron provided an update about the On-Co-op Outreach Conference and Roundtable series. See the next two articles in this newsletter for these submissions.  Thank you, Joy and Peter! 


If you have any ideas, news or stories you would like to share about co-ops in your area of the country or otherwise, send your articles to Kaye Grant at   


We also encourage you to visit the CoopZone Facebook page here. Please like the page and share relevant information on it.  

Rare Birds Cohousing Equity Co-op 

By Joy Emmanuel   


Rare Birds cohousing, equity co-op is a rare find. There are not many equity housing co-ops in Canada, and there are only two that I am aware of that combine the cohousing design with an equity co-op ownership model. And, to top it off, Rare Birds is set up as a collective household rather than being an equity co-op where resident-members have legal title to separate units.


Located in Kamloops, BC, members of Rare Birds co-op just moved into their new nest in February 2014 after a three-year journey of conceptualizing, designing, building community support, and constructing their home.


The idea for Rare Birds co-op started to incubate when some of the (to-be) founding members saw the movie "How to Boil a Frog." The movie prompted an in-depth, long-term discussion among some friends on the environmental and social merit of living together rather than in separate households. As an equity co-op, they could combine green, sustainable living with the benefits of extended family (by choice) and aging in place. The idea resonated for a small clutch of friends and they began their research on how to proceed.


Rare Birds' mandate is: to provide co-operative housing designed to lessen our environmental footprint, share resources and living costs, provide social enrichment and community support and to showcase a new model for interdependent living.


The City of Kamloops was uncertain about what to do with their proposal. This precipitated public meetings and many trips to City Hall, along with going door-to-door to get all the neighbours within a five block radius to support - or at least not block - their zoning application.


Obtaining a mortgage was not an option so each member (family unit) of Rare Birds paid $200,000 toward the cost of building their collective household. This gave them 1.2 M in capital funds for building of the house and purchasing the property. Share value may increase over time as the real estate value of the property changes.


The overall indoor space is 6,000 sq ft - over 3,500 of which is "common space." There are 6 bedroom suites that are roughly 400 sq ft each, which provides each member with a bedroom, sitting area and their own bathroom. Beyond that, all facilities are shared. In cohousing style, the members have a shared kitchen and dining area - with nightly meals together cooked by different members of the household. There are shared laundry facilities, a guest room, meeting space, work room, library, storage, a large spacious living room, and common balcony-decks on all levels of their three story home.


Members of Rare Birds are open to sharing their journey with others and invite inquiries. To find out more about Rare Birds go to: 



2014-2015 CO-OP OUTREACH CONFERENCE & ROUNDTABLE SERIES - Connecting Co-ops, Building the Movement
by Peter Cameron

On Co-op has gone regional! To continue building on the momentum and the success we have had over the past two years with our Regional Co-op Conferences and Roundtables, we are doubling our efforts to engage more individuals and organizations in these unique learning and networking opportunities. More importantly, instead of you going to one provincial Conference, we will be coming to you...


We will be going across Ontario with a series of 6 Conferences and 30 Roundtables, with the primary objectives of fostering local co-op clusters/networks, community collaboration, capacity-building and co-op development. In other words, strengthening awareness among co-operatives and building the movement! Six regional co-op development managers have been hired to support this initiative.


Participants will gain valuable tools anchored in real-world examples, from experienced and passionate leaders in their respective fields and organizations. Workshops are tailored to reflect the economic climate and unique requirements of each region, while enabling individuals to share information and best practices that can help their co-ops grow. They will also identify possible opportunities for creating and collaborating on local and regional co-op initiatives, which they can develop independently of On Co-op.


Our Goals

Building on our first regional conferences held during the International Year of Co-operatives in 2012, this is a chance for co-operators to get together and share tips, learn best practices from local and provincial examples, build a support network, and increase the visibility of the movement in their region. Our objectives are as follows:

  • Support and strengthen co-op development by leveraging our relationships with business development support organizations;
  • Connect co-ops and credit unions whether new or established, large or small in a series of roundtable meetings and regional conferences;
  • Create sustainable regional support networks and clusters to create greater local resilience;
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practices and reciprocal mentoring;
  • Develop co-op awareness outside of the sector and become leaders in the Social Economy movement;
  • Increase member engagement to make the most of our most valuable assets;
  • Build a unified co-op movement based on the ICA Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.


Past Results

The expansion from an all-day annual province-wide Conference and Celebration (aka Gala) over Co-op Week, to hosting roundtables and conferences across Ontario, has enabled us to reach more and a greater diversity of individuals and organizations. These include, but are not limited to: co-ops and credit unions of different sizes, both new and established co-ops, Small Business Enterprise Centres (SBECs), Community Future Development Corporations (CFDCs), Regional Innovation Centres (RICs), students and other individuals interested in the co-op business model, etc. This initiative has helped build co-op awareness and strengthen co-op clusters and networks in those communities.


For the first time, co-ops with limited resources operating in more geographically remote areas of Ontario were able to network with their peers and attend our workshops and presentations. Our outreach initiatives into these other regions are a critical step towards a more cohesive and collaborative provincial network. In our pilot year 2012, we more than doubled participation through our regional outreach series!


Looking Ahead

On Co-op will be hosting its next province-wide gathering in the Fall of 2015. Formerly known as our annual "Conference and Gala," the 2015 Conference and Celebration (including Spirit Award Ceremony) will be held on a biennial basis moving forward. This event continues to present a wonderful opportunity for fellow co-operators to connect and reconnect, network, learn, and celebrate our strengths, our values, our similarities and our diversities. Stay tuned for more information coming to you later in the year!


Initial results

Here is an update from our Niagara Regional Manager - Pam Isaak about our first Roundtable held on August 8th in St. Catharine's. "I brought together 30 co-operative leaders from around Niagara (we have 12 municipalities, but most of us consider ourselves part of one larger region) for breakfast, which was kindly provided by our local workforce planning board. The gang was excited to meet each other, loved hearing about each other's coops and quickly moved forward to discuss partnerships and future networking. I'm excited that this group discussed ideas for educating candidates in this fall's election, regional conference planning, a working social tool (in this case a new Facebook group), as well as possibilities such as cross membership and promotion, needs/wants database and mentorship. An excellent group to work with, I am truly excited for this fall. We chose the hashtag #CoopsNiagara for discussion on Twitter. Do search it, and you'll see some of the discussion/photos from the event."


 For more information or to register, please visit our website here:

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada News / les Nouvelles de CMC

***Le fran�ais suit.***  

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) is the national, bilingual association that represents more than 18 million co-operative members from 9,000 co-operatives. CMC allows the co-op movement in Canada to speak with a single voice, and it was officially launched on April 1, 2014. To find out more about CMC, visit its website here   


The inaugural Annual General Meeting of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) was held in June in Moncton.  Click here to read more


CMC's report to members on start up and strategic planning activities from incorporation in 2013 to March 31, 2014 is now available here.   

***Le fran�ais ***


Un moment historique dans l'histoire des coop�ratives au Canada : l'assembl�e g�n�rale de fondation de Coop�ratives et mutuelles Canada (CMC) a eu lieu � Moncton au mois de juin; pour lire plus, cliquez ici.

Le rapport d'activit� du CMC � propos de son d�marrage et des activit�s de planification strat�gique depuis la date de constitution en 2013 jusqu'au 31 Mars 2014 est disponisble; cliquez ici.
Li Maya Farmers Co-operative and Planet Bean Coffee

Submitted by Byron Cunningham


Planet Bean Coffee is looking for co-operative development assistance for the Li-Maya Coffee Farmers Co-operative in Chiapas, Mexico from which Planet Bean buys coffee.  Last year one of Planet Bean's members, Elijah Lederman, visited their co-operative.   


This co-operative is trying to develop a market for roasted coffee in their domestic market and they need some help to get this going including roasting knowledge, Quality Control, sales development, and infrastructure.  If they can get this off the ground, it will allow them to bring value-added dollars to their community.   


Planet Bean is working to help them.  The plan would require bringing two of their co-operative members to Guelph for quality control and roaster training.  Planet Bean will house them at one of our member's homes, for approximately 1 month. Following the quality control and roaster training Byron Cunningham, CEO of Planet Bean, plans to visit their co-operative to help them with sales, finance and infrastructure development at his own cost.   Planet Bean can provide the expertise to help them, but it cannot afford the cost to bring them here.  In total, approximately $5000 is required. Some crowd funding and events have been done that has brought in some money but not enough to get their co-operative members here.  $4000 is still needed.  Please see the link below for a video.


Any support and ideas for where to find the remaining resources would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact Elijah Lederman at Planet Bean Coffee for further details.  Elijah can be contacted at or by telephone at 1 877 758 2326.


CHF Canada's AGM Captures Attention of Nation's Capital
Source: OnCoop Newsletter - Volume 11, Issue 4, June 24, 2014

More than 700 housing co-op members and supporters attended CHF Canada's 2014 Annual Meeting in Ottawa in early June to learn, network and rally in support of Canada's housing co-ops.

Highlights included a "You Hold the Key - Fix the Co-op Housing Crunch" rally on Parliament Hill that attracted over 400 people - including MPs from all parties.


Delegates approved national resolutions in support of the You Hold the Key campaign, applying the international Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade in Canada, investigating new ways of financing development and supporting of co-op housing options for Canada's First Nations on-reserve communities.


Ontario Region delegates celebrated the passage of eviction law reform, passed resolutions endorsing the You Hold the Key campaign in Ontario and amending Ontario Region Operating Rules to allow the Northern Ontario Council member to be elected online. Meeting participants also bid a fond and moving farewell to retiring Managing Director Dale Reagan.


Symposium sur la succession d'entreprises/Symposium on Business Succession
**English Follows**

Le CCO et plusieurs partenaires organisent un symposium unique � North Bay le 7 octobre prochain. Celui-ci sera l'occasion de pr�senter des nouveaux outils facilitant la rel�ve et de favoriser les �changes entre c�dants et repreneurs d'entreprises. Une premi�re pour le Nord de l'Ontario !




The CCO (Conseil de la coop�ration de l'Ontario) is hosting a bilingual Symposium on Business Succession in North Bay, Ontario on October 7, 2014. To learn more or to register, click here.  


For more information (in French) click here.  


Second International Summit of Funeral Cooperatives / le Deuxi�me Sommet international des coop�ratives fun�raires

**Le fran�ais suit.**


In 2012, as part of the International Year of Co-operatives, the Federation of Funeral Cooperatives of Qu�bec ( invited all funeral cooperatives and mutual enterprises to the First International Summit of Funeral Cooperatives (  


At that meeting, representatives of funeral cooperatives from six countries, researchers with an interest in the subject and participants from other cooperative sectors adopted the first Declaration of Funeral Cooperatives and Mutual Enterprises, shared some tools, and created a committee in charge of organizing a second meeting in 2014.


We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Second International Summit of Funeral Cooperatives and Mutuals, which will be held in Quebec City, Canada from October 4 to 6 of this year. Lectures, panels and round tables will give you a better idea and grasp of the issues relevant to funeral cooperatives all over the globe.  


Following a tour of the facilities of a Quebec funeral cooperative and a talk on the challenges involved in collaborating with Catholic cemeteries, representatives of the International Co-operative Alliance will explain to us the place that is made available to funeral cooperatives within their organization, a paper will describe the scope of the global network, and there will be discussions on marketing, use of the Web, and the issues of tomorrow.  


Whether you are volunteers or managers at a funeral cooperative, working in some other cooperative sector, researchers, funders, or simply curious about the cooperative system, you can take part by registering on the site dedicated to the Summit here


**Le fran�ais**


En 2012, dans le cadre de l'ann�e internationale des coop�ratives, la F�d�ration des coop�ratives fun�raires du Qu�bec conviait toutes les coop�ratives et mutuelles œuvrant dans le secteur fun�raire au premier Sommet international des coop�ratives fun�raires.  


Lors de cette rencontre, des repr�sentants des coop�ratives fun�raires en provenance de 6 pays, des chercheurs int�ress�s � la question et des participants en provenance d'autres secteurs coop�ratifs ont adopt� la premi�re d�claration des coop�ratives et mutuelles fun�raires, partag� des outils et cr�� un comit� charg� d'organiser une 2e rencontre en 2014.


Nous profitons de cette communication pour vous inviter � participer au 2e Sommet international des coop�ratives et mutuelles fun�raires qui se tiendra � Qu�bec (Canada) les 4-5 et 6 octobre prochains. Des conf�rences, panels et tables rondes vous permettront de mieux comprendre et saisir les enjeux entourant les coop�ratives fun�raires des quatre coins de la plan�te.


Des repr�sentants de l'Alliance coop�rative internationale nous pr�ciseront la place offerte aux coop�ratives fun�raires au sein de leur organisation, une �tude pr�sentera l'�tendue du r�seau mondial, des discussions portant sur le marketing, l'utilisation du Web et les enjeux de demain suivront une visite des installations d'une coop�rative fun�raire qu�b�coise et une conf�rence sur les d�fis li�s � la collaboration avec les cimeti�res catholiques.


Que vous soyez b�n�voles ou gestionnaires d'une coop�rative fun�raire, impliqu�s dans un autre secteur coop�ratif, chercheurs, bailleurs de fonds ou simplement curieux de cette formule de coop�ration, vous pouvez participer en vous inscrivant sur le site d�di� au Sommet.


R�jean Laflamme

Chairman of the board / Pr�sident 

Federation of funeral cooperatives of Quebec / F�d�ration des coop�ratives fun�raires du Qu�bec  


Health Co-op Sector Rendez-Vous -- at the International Summit /
Rendez-vous des coop�ratives de sant� - au Sommet international
**Le fran�ais suit.**

Passionate about wellness and health care in your community?  Health Co-operatives around the world do an outstanding job of addressing the wellness and health priorities of their communities. 

Join us in Qu�bec City in October to share your knowledge and your questions with others who are working to maximize the effectiveness of community-based, community-owned wellness and health organizations.

The International Co-op Summit runs from the evening of Oct 6th to late on Oct 9th. Our Health Co-op Sector Rendez-Vous events start late afternoon Oct 5th and continue until Oct 8th, with Health-focused Summit Round Tables on Oct 8th and 9th.

Health Co-op Rendez-Vous events, Qu�bec City
1.      HCCFC AGM October 5th
2.      International Best Practices Learning Exchange  October 6th
3.      International Health Co-op Organization Board Meeting, October 7th
4.      HansKai Training and Young Hans Kai preparation October 7 - 8th

To register for these events and apply for a Travel Subsidy Application. Available ONLY to members of the Health Care Co-operatives Federation of Canada -  click here.
For the International Co-op Summit (October 6 to 9) please register here.

**Le fran�ais.**

Rendez-vous des coop�ratives de sant�

Les coop�ratives de sant� � travers le monde font un travail remarquable en priorisant l'am�lioration de la sant� de leur milieu et le mieux-�tre de leurs collectivit�s.

Joignez-vous � nous � Qu�bec en octobre prochain pour partager vos connaissances et vos questions avec d'autres personnes qui ont � cœur de rendre plus dynamique la vie communautaire, am�liorer les conditions de vie et les services de sant� de leur communaut�.

Le Sommet international des coop�ratives et ses conf�rences et �v�nements associ�s se tiendront du 6 au 9 octobre 2014. Notre Rendez-vous des coop�ratives de sant� propose des activit�s du 5 octobre en fin d'apr�s-midi pour se terminer le 8 octobre.  Les tables rondes et forums sur les coop�ratives de sant� inscrites au programme du Sommet se tiendront les 8 et 9 octobre.

La programmation de notre Rendez-vous est la suivante :
1.     5 octobre : Assembl�e annuelle de la F�d�ration canadienne des coop�ratives de service de sant�
2.     6 octobre : Rencontre internationale sur les meilleures pratiques des coop�ratives de sant�
3.     7 octobre : Conseil d'administration de l'International Health Co-operative Organization
4.     7 et 8 octobre : Atelier de formation sur les groupes Hans Kai et Hans Kai pour jeunes

Pour vous inscrire � ces activit�s et remplir un formulaire pour un soutien financier des frais de d�placement (disponible uniquement pour les membres de la F�d�ration canadienne), consultez le site WEB :  .

L'inscription au Sommet international des coop�ratives se fait par le truchement du site WEB :
International Summit of Co-operatives 

The 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives will welcome over 150 international experts to share with participants their vision, knowledge, and perspective on challenges and future prospects facing cooperative and mutual enterprises. 

United Nations Proposed Sustainable Development Goals

            The Potential Contributions of Cooperatives: Survey Findings July 9


In order to bring cooperative voices into the discussion around the post-2015 development agenda, the International Labour Organization and the International Co-operative Alliance have launched an initiative on the contribution of cooperatives to sustainable development. Learn more...

Click here
to view the most recent newsletter for the Summit to find out more exciting news and plans for the Summit. 


CoopZone is a network of people and organizations which help others to start and develop co-operatives.  
Please send any comments, suggestions and ideas for articles to: 


Kaye Grant  
Editor of CoopZone Newsletter
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