Mental Health Matters
Forensic Edition
November 2018
Published by:  Lepage Associates
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 Cooperative Parenting Part VI:
Expressing Your Anger

In the last article we explored why and how to increase our awareness of our anger, calm down when we notice it, and choose to be assertive. In this article we'll explore how to assertively express anger and how and why to dig deeper and express what's behind it.

First remember that anger is a normal emotion and part of being human. Anger comes from the thought "Not fair!" You don't want to try to get rid of it completely (impossible) or learn to ignore it (unhealthy). Quite the opposite - you want to make it work for you. Anger can be motivating. If you learn that your backstabbing coworker is competing for the same promotion after hearing you talk about it, yes, you could slash their tires, or can use that anger to do your research, sharpen your resume, and blow them away in the interview. If you're angry that public schools are being stripped of art and music, forget the angry Netflix binge. Channel that energy into advocating for keeping creative arts in the school system.

But what about when it's not possible or appropriate to channel anger into productivity, as is often the case when co-parenting? Sometimes we need to express our anger to the other person and resolve the conflict.  (Read on...)
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