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April 2016 
Vol. 46 No. 3
Cooperatively Speaking
Latest News from PCPI

Call for Nominations
PCPI needs your support   

At the PCPI Annual General Meeting in Chicago, we will vote in new officers and welcome committee chairs. Please consider nominating yourself or a peer to continue the work of Parent Cooperative Preschools International - administrators, teachers, and parents are all welcome. 

The elected officers are the immediate Past President and the Executive Committee, which is the President, the Vice-President Administration, the Vice President Finance, the Vice President Membership, the Vice-President Resources, and the Recording Secretary.  
In addition, committee chairs will be appointed. PCPI committees include Advisors, Awards, Katharine Whiteside Taylor Bursary, Becky Allen Fund, Marika Townshend Travel Grants, and Annual Meeting Liaison.  We also appoint a webmistress and an editor for the PCPI newsletter, 
Cooperatively Speaking.

If you would like to learn more about the board and standing committees, please contact the president, Lesley Romanoff at  romanoff@tpcns.org. You may also visit the web page,  http://www.preschools.coop/v/about-pcpi/ to contact members directly (see: "Elected Officers" and "Standing Committees" listed on "About PCPI" menu bar).

While it is helpful to attend the annual meeting; it is not required.  The majority of the work of the organization is accomplished by individuals working in their local areas, and through email and several conference calls each year. 

We welcome more volunteers to join those who continue to serve PCPI.  PCPI needs your support.  Please let us know if you would like to run for office or serve on a committee.  We value people who step up and show interest.  With geographic distance, it can be difficult to find you otherwise!  Please help PCPI be the best that it can be!  Many opportunities exist to get involved.

Register Today:  The Annual Meeting and

 Conference in Chicago  is just a few weeks away

Members are encouraged to participate in PCPI by coming to the annual meeting, which will be held late Thursday, April 14th until midday Sunday, April 17th in Chicago, Illinois. At the annual meeting, you can exercise your vote, network and attend educational sessions. 

A special thanks to our meeting planners and hosts, Families Together Cooperative Nursery School, Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School, and Park West Cooperative Nursery School. We will be visiting their schools and learning more about the rich history of their cooperatives. We also want to thank Hyde Park Cooperative for Early Learning for opening its doors for a tour. PCPI members look forward to visiting and learning in Chicago.

Highlights Include 
  • PCPI Governing Board Business & Board Elections
  • Inspirational Preschool Co-op School Tours
  • Tour of the Chicago Children's Museum
  • Networking with Co-op Leaders, Teachers and Parents
Registration forms are now available on the PCPI website. 
Please download your form and return to our annual meeting hosts.  Register today for the Annual Meeting

We hope to see you in Chicago for the Annual Meeting, but if you can't come, please send your proxy for voting purposes by April 4 

Each PCPI member council, school, governing board, life and individual member is entitled to one vote at PCPI's annual general meeting. The bylaws of Parent Cooperative Preschools International require a quorum of fourteen delegates, including proxies, to enact business. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please select a person to vote your proxy. Below are the names, home states/provinces, and emails of members attending the meeting that you might choose to designate as your proxy.
President Lesley Romanoff  - Maryland,  lesley@romanoffstudio.com
VP Membership Mariah Battiston -  British Columbia, cppadmin@telus.net
VP Resources Leta Mach - Maryland, leta.mach@verizon.net
Travel Grants - Linda Henegar - Oregon, linda.j.henegar@gmail.com
 Follow one of the three processes below to complete designating your proxy:
         * Send an email including all the information below to enquiries@preschools.coop  Your name in the body of the email will constitute your signature

         * Type in name and information and email as an attachment
         * Scan, sign, and email this form to enquiries@preschools.coop
         * Sign and mail to the address below
I ___________________________________,   ( Your name)  
Representing membership of _____________________________________________________________
                                                                        (Name of Council, School, or indicate self )
hereby appoint __________________________________ (Name of person) to cast my vote with Parent Cooperative Preschools International at the 2016 AGM (see list above of attendees).
Signature                                                                    today's date
This proxy shall be for the purpose of completing a quorum for council business meetings in my absence at the Annual General Meeting and at the Governing Board Meetings (if a member of the governing board).
  This proxy shall be valid for the 2016 Annual Meetings April 14 - 17 in Chicago, Illinois.
  Mail or email Proxy so it is received by April 4, 2016.
Email to enquiries@preschools.coop  or
Mail to Kathy Ems, PCPI, VP Finance:
8411 SW Jamieson Rd, Portland, OR 97225-1349

Coming Next Month: an interview with the founder of the recently established New Bern Cooperative Preschool on how to start a co-op.

Please forward this message to your council network email lists. Parent Cooperatives Preschool International welcomes both parents and staff of member schools, councils, and libraries to serve on PCPI Board and Committees.

PCPI Renewal Invoices have been sent. If you did not receive yours, please let PCPI know by emailing enquiries@preschools.coop.
To submit an article, please email pcpinewsletter@gmail.com
Parent Cooperative Preschools International
c/o National Cooperative Business Center
1401 New York Avenue NW, Suite 1100  Washington, DC 20005