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January 2016 
Vol. 46 No. 1
Cooperatively Speaking
Latest News from PCPI

PCPI wants  YOU to participate in the 
2016 Annual Meeting 

If you are a parent, teacher, director or board member of a cooperative preschool, we invite you to join in a weekend of camaraderie where we will focus on our cooperative mission and best practices for our co-op preschools.

Please consider attending, even if you've never been part of the Annual Meeting before.  PCPI needs your talent and contributions, and you will take back so many great ideas and bring renewed enthusiasm back to your school from this wonderful networking opportunity.

To help our members participate in PCPI by coming to the annual meeting, PCPI established and now honors longtime cooperative preschool advocate with the Marika Townshend Travel Grant program. 

Applications are now available for the Marika Townshend Travel Grants which help members cover their costs to attend the Annual Meeting 

Monday, February 15, 2016 at noon Pacific time is the deadline to apply for a Marika Townshend Travel Grant. The grant will help members attend the PCPI Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago April 14-17, 2016. Parents, teachers and board members of a cooperative preschool, are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting. 

The event schedule is coming together and registration materials will be available before long. Highlights include: 
- Preschool Tours!
- Professional Development Opportunities
- Awards Event honoring preschool heroes
Apply Now for Grant Funds to help defer your travel expense costs! Travel grant determinations will be available to you by the end of February.

REMINDER: Grant applications must be received by Noon Pacific Standard Time (3:00pm EST) on Monday, February 15, 2016 (Presidents' Day)

PCPI 2016 Annual Meeting will be in Chicago 

Members are encouraged to participate in PCPI by coming to the annual meeting, which is held in the spring in various locations in the U.S. and Canada.  The next annual meeting will be held late Thursday, April 14th until midday Sunday, April 17th in Chicago, Illinois. At the annual meeting, you can exercise your vote, network and attend educational sessions.  Previous annual meetings have featured educational sessions such as working with young children in museums and a behind the scenes discussion at the National Air and Space Museum. Participants have also been treated to a session with Teacher Tom, a cooperative preschool teacher and blogger. At the most recent annual meeting in Vancouver, Kathy Lynn, author, broadcaster and cooperative preschool advocate spoke. Stay tuned for more details on the surprises in store at the Chicago annual meeting.  One thing you can be sure to count on will be visits to area preschools.

  Save the Date and Mark Your Calendars! 


A Final Note: Make your 2016 New Year's Resolution that you will participate actively in PCPI, your preschool co-op support partner!

Please forward this message to your council network email lists. Parent Cooperatives Preschool International welcomes both parents and staff of member schools, councils, and libraries to serve on PCPI Board and Committees.

PCPI Renewal Invoices have been sent. If you did not receive yours, please let PCPI know by emailing enquiries@preschools.coop.
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