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November 8, 2016 
Vol. 46 No. 13
Cooperatively Speaking
The Latest News from PCPI

Hello Again! 

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their contribution to cooperative education?  Consider submitting a nomination for the annual PCPI awards.  Details are included in this issue.

Happy reading!

Dianne Rose, M.Ed.
Editor, Cooperatively Speaking

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2017 PCPI Awards
Who will you nominate?
It's time! It's time! It's nomination time! graphic-award-header.gif

Each year PCPI takes time to honor those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the cooperative preschool movement. The PCPI Awards Committee is depending on you to nominate the people in your cooperative circle who deserve special recognition.  

A summary of award categories follows, but detailed award criteria and forms can be found on the PCPI website.  

District Award for demonstrated commitment and leadership at the local, council or regional level.

National Award for Demonstrated Leadership for an activity that has had a favorable impact on parent cooperatives at more than a local, council, or regional level.

Outstanding Achievement Award to recognize an exceptional contribution to, or involvement in, the parent cooperative movement (nominee does not need to be a PCPI member).

Honorary Life Membership  for an  exceptional contribution to, or unique involvement in, the parent cooperative movement (beyond years of service).

Robin Garthright Bunster Award for Excellence in Teaching to recognize excellence in teaching.  Nominee should be active as a teacher in some capacity.

Certificates of Appreciation  to recognize important member contributions to the Parent Cooperative Preschool movement.

Nominations are due by March 15, 2017 .  Some awards require letters of support or council endorsement, so don't wait until the last minute to start your submission.

The PCPI Annual Awards Banquet 2017 will be held in conjunction with the 2017 Annual Meeting. Awards can also be shared at a local event or your choosing.  

Questions should be sent to Kathy Ems at rkems@comcast.net.

Facebook Finds
I love Facebook.  I love it because I can learn SO MUCH about things going on in other schools while I drink my morning coffee.  It was actually Teacher Tom who kicked off my coffee + Facebook morning routine several years ago @TheTeacherTom. His daily reflections about teaching and learning crept into my news feed and I was hooked.

Since then, I've added lots of pages representing cooperatives all over the world to my news feed. Here are just a few examples of recent happenings that I would never have known about before the advent of social media:

Ms. Frances - Capitol Hill Coop Nursery
Ms. Frances has been a teacher and director at CHCNS for over 30 years.
Capitol Hill Cooperative Nursery School just moved to a new facility in Washington, DC, and they were featured in the Capitol Hill Community News. @capitolhillcooperativenurseryschool

Crown Preschool in Vancouver, BC is now welcoming Little Mountain Music Club to their preschool every Thursday with the recognition that  music is an essential part of early learning and development.  @crownpreschoolvancouver @littlemountainmusic

Council of Parent Participation Preschools in BC shared a cool video from Global BC about community coming together to make preschool more accessible for one little girl at Sunshine Hills Parent Participation Preschool.
West Side Co-Op Preschool
in New Brunswick offers ice skating time in the fall and winter as part of their programs for three and four year olds. @westsidecooppreschool

Parent Child Preschools Organization, a Council in Tigard, OR is conducting The PCPO Teachers Crawl, which includes a tour of three schools and natural playscapes. Schools on the tour included Southwest Parent Child CollectiveWoodhaven School, and Cedar Hills Kindergarten and Preschool. @PCPONW @WoodhavenSchool 

In addition to all of the information that I get from news posts, Facebook also provides an opportunity to exchange information without the whole world having access.  The Closed Group called Cooperatively Speaking provides a forum for connecting with other people in cooperative environments.  It's a great place to share ideas, post questions, and get to know one another. If you haven't joined, you can do it right now.

Perhaps someday I'll learn how to use Twitter or Instagram and can learn even more about what's going on in the world of co-ops.  If you're an expert in another social media platform and would like to share what you know, please contact me at pcpinewsletter@gmail.com.  
Cooperatively Speaking with friends!

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