Happy New Year fellow Coordinators! As we move into the new year and second semester, I encourage everyone to set some positive intentions with these growth mindset statements throughout the day.
New Year, New Goal

The Coalition for Community Schools has launched a new goal to reach 25,000 community schools by 2025. To achieve that goal, our first step is reaching consensus on the baseline qualifications of a community school, so we can count and monitor our progress as we all work towards our goal. If you haven't already, take a look at our draft of baseline criteria for community schools and let us know if you think we captured the minimum threshold of an emerging community school by responding to this email with your feedback.
Savanity Davis believes a Community School Director works to find solutions that can address the student as a whole. As a Community School Director of the nation’s largest public elementary school, her solution comes in many forms, either with or without funding. Read about what types of solutions Davis creates for her 2,000 students in this month’s Coordinator Spotlight
Opportunities and Resources

Go through these four professional development moduels on unpacking identity, diversity, action, and understanding justice, with your teachers and school leaders to help your school achieve an anti-bias and multicultural education.

Check out this toolkit from Healthy Schools Campaign to take action on the various health reasons students are absent. Learn how to understand your community's health needs and how to build partnerships that support student health.

Use Hart's Ladder to evaluate how meaningfully your school is engaging youth as leaders and decision-makers.

To learn more, check out The Freechild Project for more resources on youth voice.

Learn how to use data to create positive and inclusive learning environments that meet the social, emotional, and academic development of all students in this LPI and NUL webinar on February 5, 3 PM, ET.
Mark Your Calendars
Sincerely, your co-chairs, Liz Thacker and Arturo Magana