Community School Coordinators Network July 2018
A message from your co-chair - Arturo Magana
National Forum Hot Topics Webinar Series_ Equipping Coordinators with Tools for Equity
Happy Summer to all!  Hope everyone is having a cool and exciting summer! Please take the time to explore the National Forum Hot Topics Webinar Series: Equipping Coordinators with Tools for Equity , as each webinar comes with great insightful information on best practices to removing or maneuvering obstacles to increase equity for our children and families with high needs. The three-part webinar covers everything from student achievement for Latino/a/x students to addressing chronic absenteeism.

Coordinator Spotlight - Bruce Waller_ Coordinator at Asheville Middle School _NC_

Bruce Waller may have just jumped into his job as coordinator at Asheville Middle School this past January, but that hasn't stopped him from growing their Homework Diner from a handful to hundreds of participants. Learn how Waller built  out robust programming to engage families and student voices  in this month's  Coordinator's Spotlight.
Opportunities _ Resources

 Register for Attendance Works webinar on August 15 to learn how to engage community partners to address chronic absenteeism. 

Check out San Francisco Unified School District and San Francisco Beacon Initiative's new toolkit with best practices to plan and implement community schools.

Learn how to divest from failure and invest in freedom in the Center for Popular Democracy's new report.

Gain strategies to address barriers to social, emotional, and academic development from this report by Pennsylvanian State University.

Sincerely_ your co-chairs_ Liz Thacker and Arturo Magana
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