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Greetings Coordinators! As we enter the homestretch of the school year, it is our hope that everyone is one step closer to reaching the community school goals you set earlier. We would like to congratulate Arturo Magana who will become the new Network Co-Chair in May. We look forward to his vision in helping to lead the network. 

March is the Coalition's March for Children and Youth Month, National Social Workers Month, and National Women's History Month. Let's take a moment to advocate for the children we serve, and highlight the impact of social workers in our schools and the importance of women throughout the history of the world. Happy Spring!

- Damion Morgan, Coordinators Network Co-Chair

Picture of Arturo Magana
We are excited to announce that Arturo Magana, Community School Coordinator at Parmelee Avenue Elementary School, has been elected to be the new Network Co-Chair. Learn more about Arturo, his vision for the Network, and how he's created partnerships to address issues of trauma, health, social emotional needs, and immigration in his school in this month's  Coordinator's Spotlight.


How to tell your community school story webinar - March 21_ 2-3 pm EST

Register for tomorrow's webinar to learn how to effectively communicate the impact of your community school to key stakeholders. 

Missed last month's webinar on the Community School Site Standards?  Watch the recording here.

Check out IEL's new policy brief giving school leaders the 101 on how to prepare youth with disabilities for competitive, integrated employment based on today's changing legal landscape.

There'll be over 150 workshops and roundtables at the 
Community Schools National Forum . To help you pick the right workshops to attend, take a look at some of the Coordinator Track sessions picked just for you!

Utilize the Opportunity Index to find out how your community stacks up to others across the country. Use this tool to find areas of improvement and progress in your community. 


Your Co-Chairs,
Liz Thacker  
Site Resource Coordinator
Northwest Middle Community School
Knoxville, TN

Damion Morgan
Community Schools Director
Compass Youth Collaborative
Hartford, CT

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