Hello fellow Coordinators! As many of us are approaching Spring Break in our schools, please take a minute for some mindfulness practices to re-energize! Here are 6 Methods for Springtime Mindfulness .
As the first Community School Coordinator in her district, Kristin Colarusso Martin has made remarkable progress to unify her students, families, and community in just two years. Read how Martin’s focus to restore Massena’s community has allowed her utilize her connections to host the first “Ready 4 School” event, getting 1,000 students and families ready for the first day of school in this month’s Coordinator Spotlight .
Opportunities and Resources

Keep on advocating for equitable policies that support children and youth this month! Check out the Coalition's Playbook for resources on how to build champions and grow awareness of community schools.
New Videos Showcase Community School Wins in Milwaukee

View these new videos about two innovative solutions the Milwaukee Community School Partnership has successfully implemented-- Homework Diners and a Walking School Bus .

Listen to the National Association of Elementary School Principals' podcast featuring the Coordinators Network's very own Gwendoly Unoko and her principal on how they work together to boost outcomes for students.

View the recordings and access resources from last month's webinars on how to leverage your role to organize your school community for equity while avoiding crossing over the lobbying line. 
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I'm wondering if anyone has ideas about how lead agencies can support community schools, particularly ways that they can support in ways that a district-led model could not support?
- Andrew (Pittsburgh, PA)

What are schools doing to address issues with [how students can appropriately use] social media and technology, within the school as well as the community?
- Jennifer (Old Town, ME)

Does anyone have...tips [on] speaking with parents, as to how we can offer them these services without giving them the impression they 'aren't a good parent'?
- Jane (Lakeland, FL)
Mark Your Calendars
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